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Band Name Alien Vampires
Album Name Harshlizer
Type Album
发布日期 07 十一月 2010
音乐风格Black Electro


1. No Way Back
2. Evil Bloody Music
3. She's on Drugs
4. See You in Hell (Cover Version ft. Suicide Commando)
5. Harshlizer
6. Industrializer
7. Before It's too Late
8. Lies
9. Control the Universe
10. Fearless
11. DeathMatch
12. Far Away
13. Entity
14. Nothing to Lose
15. Her Blood into My Veins
DISC 2 (Limited Edition)
1. Fucked on LSD
2. Evil Will Always Find You
3. Evil Bloody Music (Freakangel Mix)
4. She's on Drugs (Seduced by ChainReactor)
5. Evil Bloody Music (Es.Ex Mix)
6. Harshlizer (Uberbyte Mix)
7. No Way Back (CyGnoSic Mix)
8. Evil Bloody Music (Can of Worms Mix by Llumen)
9. Harshlizer AmGod Mix)
10. Evil Bloody Music (Project Rotten Mix)
11. She's on Drugs (Psycho Mix by Phosgore)
12. Evil Bloody Music (Acylum Mix)
13. No Way Back (Industriegebiet Remix)
14. Evil Bloody Music (Die Sektor Mix)