Hanging Rock

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Band Name Tommy Vitaly
Album Name Hanging Rock
Type Album
发布日期 03 五月 2012
出版公司 IceWarrior Records
音乐风格Neo Classical


1. Betrayer (ft. Mats Leven on vocals)
2. Run with the Devil (ft. Carsten “Lizard Schulz" on vocals)
3. Hands of Time (ft. Todd LaTorre on vocals)
4. Forever Lost (ft. David DeFeis on vocals)
5. Idol (ft. Michele Luppi on vocals, Norifumi Shima & Ferdy Doernberg solos)
6. Misanthropy (Instrumental)
7. Heavy Metal God (ft. Carsten “Lizard” Schulz on vocals, David Shankle guitar solo)
8. Hanging Rock (ft. Ferdy Doernberg keyboard solos) (Instrumental)
9. Icewarrior (ft. Zak Stevens on vocals)

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