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Band Name Lifeless (GER)
Album Name Godconstruct
Type Album
发布日期 01 三月 2013
出版公司 FDA Rekotz
音乐风格Death Metal


1. Praeludium: Endzeit 01:17
2. Godconstruct 05:22
3. Towards Damnation 03:39
4. Moribund 04:19
5. Blood for the Gods 05:38
6. The Truth Concealed 04:43
7. Interludium: Zeitenwende 01:20
8. Seething with Rage 05:22
9. Sworn to Death 03:54
10. Reconquering the Soul 04:00
11. Blindead 05:09
12. Perdition of the Whore 03:42
Total playing time 48:25

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评阅 @ GandhiEgo

21 三月 2013

Sworn to Death Metal!

Godconstruct is Lifeless’ second album and comes directly from the vaults of FDA Rekotz. As a German label, it was only making sense they’d start promoting bands from their native country and, together with fellow countrymen Sulphur Aeon and Chapel of Disease, this Germany-based roster is showing great promises. Recently the label has been signing quality acts in the realm of Death Metal (Entrails, Revolting or Skeletal Remains) and in my eyes they’re starting be to Old School Death Metal in Europe what Dark Descent is in the United States.

It won’t then come as a surprise to learn that Lifeless plays good old Death Metal. Just like their “colleagues” of Chapel of Disease, with whom they appeared together on the split EP Chapel of a Lifeless Cult, which basically served as promotion for their respective forthcoming albums, the band shares this love for European Death Metal. Mixing several scenes together, Lifeless show allegiance to Sweden, The Netherlands and even to England. And obviously to Germany. Their Death Metal is powerful, catchy and does not hesitate to include memorable melodic solos. At times you will think of Morgoth, Entombed (the solos!), Pestilence or even Benediction.

Not unlike Horrendous’ The Chills or Vorum’s Poisoned Void, Lifeless play Death Metal that comes with a soul. It’s not just a copycat trying to reenact brainlessly past splendors, they actually put some thought and urge into their music. It’s neither relying too much on just sheer brutality nor does it dwell in down to mid-tempos only. The riffing is always inspired, the drumming creative and the vocals quite haunting. To sum it up nicely, this is Death Metal the way it was played back in 1991-1992 and why the genre could never die and why it has had so many new offspring lately.

It’s almost impossible not to succumb to a track like Sworn to Death with guest singer Sven from Fleshcrawl (which could also be an apt comparison with Lifeless) and that’s only to mention one because I almost could name them all. Though I may be a little less ecstatic with Godconstruct than I am with The Chills or Poisoned Void, I find this record to be right on spot and each new play sounds better than the previous one. You definitely can tell that Lifeless are enjoying what they’re doing and while they may not be aiming at perfection, they certainly how to make your feet stomp and your head bang.

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