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Band Name Umbra Nihil
Album Name Gnoia
Type Album
发布日期 2005
出版公司 Firedoom Music
音乐风格Atmospheric Doom


1. Nocturnal Occurences
2. Fear of the Void
3. Gnoia
4. Shields Down
5. Words Left Unspoken
6. The Dreams in the Witch-House
7. Fade Out

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28 九月 2009
Umbra Nihil means shadow of nothing in Latin. This is the first full length album by this atmospheric doom metal band from Finland. The mood is mysterious and slightly creepy. The bass play is slow and heavy. The guitar is played in an unusual style, sometimes its eerie or bizarre. It sounds a lot like David Gilmore's guitar style. Sometimes an acoustic guitar is played in a classical style of music, then the music will break back into the heavy doom metal. Like the first 3 minutes of shields down. The vocals are softly grim and remind me of the vocals of Incantation. There are some warped sounding vocal distortions on Fear Of The Void. That sounds interesting, but very bizarre. There are many keyboard distortions that sound like the ones played by Pink Floyd on their Ummagumma album. Flutes and sometimes a xylophone are also used. My favorite song on this album is Nocturnal Occurences.

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