Forgotten Melodies

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Band Name Avishay Mizrav
Album Name Forgotten Melodies
Type Album
发布日期 2011
出版公司 Self-Released
制作人 Avishay Mizrav
音乐风格Guitar Hero


1. Knight Templar
2. The Life and Death of Elfi Theda
3. Radical Emotions
4. Moods
5. A Journey to the End of the World
6. Forgotten Melodies
7. Casualties of War
8. Stormy Night
9. These Harmonies

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评阅 @ AvishayMizrav

20 五月 2012

an example of strong technique, thoughtful composition, and ultimately a brilliant fusion of genr

A new figure has emerged in the international music scene. Avishay Mizrav’s debut guitar-instrumental solo album, “Forgotten Melodies,” has received accolades for his interpretation of modern progressive rock by international critics and for obvious reasons. Mizrav is a true student of the guitar. Over the course of this nine-track album, his appreciation for not only classic rock but also of blues, soul, and funk is perceptible to even the most untrained ear.

Mizrav begins the album with a tried and true guitar ballad, “Knight Templar". This energetic piece pays homage to the electronic guitar in all its glory and is reminiscent of old rock and roll ballad bands like Journey, only deeming the lyrical aspect unnecessary as the guitar narrates the journey for itself. In stark contrast, Mizray lays down a more reflective and emotive quality with the song, “Casualties of War,” whose harmonic beginnings crescendo into a harder voice – disjointed, layered but not faltering.

While the fusion of rock and metal persists predominantly throughout the album, it is the infusions of the other that make this album progressive and modern. It is the startling blues and funk riff at the beginning of track two, “The Life and Death of Elphi Theda” that serves as a foil to the battle cry ballad of “Knight Templar". It is that moment midway through his third track, “Radical Emotions,” where a heavy power ballad is suddenly interrupted by a rhythmic keyboard soon to be layered into an even more powerful crescendo in the end. It is these minor details that complicate any flat characterizations of the album.

Mizrav’s well-rounded understanding of the vast scope of the guitar and Mizrav’s conscious efforts to incorporate all facets of the guitar gives this solo instrumental album both depth and variation. Each track differs from the next but as a whole, Avishay Mizrav’s “Forgotten Melodies” is an example of strong technique and thoughtful composition and ultimately, a brilliant fusion of genres.

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