For Snow Covered the Northland

乐队列表 Atmospheric Black Ancient Wisdom For Snow Covered the Northland
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Band Name Ancient Wisdom
Album Name For Snow Covered the Northland
Type Album
发布日期 1996
出版公司 Avantgarde Music
音乐风格Atmospheric Black


1. A Hymn to the Northern Empire 03:05
2. In the Land of the Crimson Moon 05:53
3. They Gather Where Snow Falls Forever 06:05
4. Through Rivers of the Eternal Blackness 05:48
5. The Journey of the Ancients 05:36
6. As Snow Covers the Northland 02:58
7. No Tears at His Funeral 05:22
8. Forest of Summoned Spirits 04:29
9. A Ravens Reflection of the Ancient Northland 08:22
10. The Serpent's Sleep Is Not Eternal 02:18
11. At the Other Side 04:36
12. The Sleep Within 05:11
Total playing time 59:46