False Enlightenment

乐队列表 Death Metal Resurgency False Enlightenment
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Band Name Resurgency
Album Name False Enlightenment
Type Album
发布日期 15 六月 2012
音乐风格Death Metal


1. Craniums of Slain Disciples 05:17
2. Ending the Beginning 03:12
3. Black Holes of Antiverse 04:21
4. Dark Revival 02:59
5. False Enlightenment 04:26
6. Hideous Premonition 04:13
7. Where Despair Dominates 03:06
8. Mouth of Hades 04:07
9. Psychosis 04:10
10. Binding Is Fatal 04:43
Total playing time 40:34

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评阅 @ GandhiEgo

20 六月 2012

If this record had been released in 1991 by Earache Records, most people would be worshipping it by now

Hellthrasher Productions come back with yet another interesting album. If you had followed the label’s previous adventures, Resurgency should not be a new name for you since they shared with Desolator their place on split CD a year ago with the result showing an obvious winner from the Resurgency side. A year has passed and the Greeks come back with False Enlightenment, their debut, ready to blast the world of Death Metal.

Playing Old School Death Metal, Resurgency offer the best from both worlds. On one hand, the band has given part of its allegiance to dark Death Metal a la Immolation though, and maybe because they hail from Greece, I find similarities between them and other local fellows Dead Congregation. Likewise, Resurgency build fantastic atmospheres close in essence to those found on Graves Of The Archangles with tracks like, for instance, Mouth of Hades.

Still, as much as I enjoy Dead Congregation and similar acts, the real plus of Resurgency’s sound is their allegiance to US Death Metal from the early 90s. You’ll hear bits of Massacre, Death and, what’s in my opinion is their most blatant influence, Napalm Death. Harmony Corruption era, of course.

OK, folks, before trolls find it adequate to remind me that Napalm Death is a British band, the ones that know Harmony Corruption -- recorded in Tampa, Florida, at the Morrissound Studio by a bloke, whose name some may remember, that shaped the very sound of Death Metal: Scott Burns -- know this is the “American” album from Napalm Death. And a landmark for the whole genre. Resugency's False Enlightenment will give the chills to anyone into Mick Harris’ drumming, Pintado’s riffing and, greatly helping in shaping the comparison, Barney and Resurgency’s John P almost have the same vocals!

Considering how we’re being fed up wagons of mediocre Swedeath lately, this brings welcome change and this rereading of America’s golden classics is not only the Greeks paying tribute to a legacy that few remember but also offering a new take on it, on par with it quality wise. As written earlier on, the mix between the more modern evil side of Death Metal a la Dead Congregation and this "resurgency" (haha) of old school US classics is rather exhilarating.

Tracks go on and on and, just like on Harmony Corruption, you feel condemned to listen to this wall of exquisite brutality till the very end. You'll be left panting, but you'll want some more because this theatrics-free, analog fest of riffs and blasts gets addictive real fast. There is nothing wrong with False Enlightenment and provided you like any of the aforementioned bands, this is a definitely a must buy. Thinking of it, if this record had been released in 1991 by Earache Records, most people would be worshipping it by now. New times, new trends, but the faith is here. Get your own copy.

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