Exhibit B - Live in Japan

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Band Name Marty Friedman
Album Name Exhibit B - Live in Japan
Type Video
发布日期 22 八月 2007
出版公司 未知标签
音乐风格Guitar Hero


1. Intro / Strange Gods and Suspicious Angels
2. Theme from Namida (Tears)
3. Elixir
4. Anvils (Celluloid Revenge Ending)
5. Gimme a Dose
6. Street Demon
7. It's the Unreal Thing
8. Fuel Injection Stringray
9. Stigmata*Addiction
10. Devil Take Tomorrow
11. Asche Zu Asche / My Oh My (Mutation Medley)
12. Paradise Express
13. Ripped
14. Salt in the Wound
15. Cheer Girl Rampage
16. Thunder March
17. Ballad of the Barbie Bandits
18. Medley (Dragon Mistress / Io Che Non Vivo (Senza Te) / Be)
19. Hound Dog

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