Exaudi Vocem Meam - Part I

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Band Name Dark Sanctuary
Album Name Exaudi Vocem Meam - Part I
Type Album
发布日期 01 十月 2005
音乐风格Atmospheric Gothic


1. Ouverture 02:33
2. Elle et l'Aube 07:41
3. Dein Kalter Stein 05:56
4. Memento Mei 06:51
5. The Garden of Jane Delawney 03:55
6. Cristal 06:51
7. Mon Errance... 03:50
8. A Mes Ennemis 08:05
9. Sortie du Cloître 05:02
10. Des Illusions 04:19
11. Je M'En Irai 07:19
Total playing time 1:02:22

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Dark Sanctuary

在中文中没有找到相关文章, 英语部分的文章已被显示

评阅 @ Irma

26 二月 2007
This interesting Frence act bring forth some really interesting darkwave music!

Dark Sanctuary already existing back in 1996, with their first release in 1997, they now present their sixth CD already (now actually part II so make it seven).
It is rather strange I actually never heard this band when I got a hold of this album.

Exaudi Vocem Meam is an ambitious and very big project consisting of multiple CD’s, of which this one is the first.

The album is enriched with dark sounds of church bells, drones but also lighten up sometimes with a clear female voice that reminds me of bands such as Belgian Encryption and Swedish Arcana. The songs also got male choirs creating a good enough mood.

The album is all about atmosphere and mood really. Instruments are many times played slowly and with great care. Electronical parts seem to mix will with actuall instruments.
The band are not afraid of taking time and sometimes a piano is doing a solo. Often moving slowly forward to some kind of climax.

The weak points on the album is the German lyrics!
It is made by a german but I don´t care. I think it is a bad call on otherwise very good music.
But French and German aren’t the only languages Dark Sanctuary uses. There’s English as well, and Latin, which was already present in the title of this album.

‘The Garden Of Jane Delawney’ is the song I like the most.
It is only because it’s more melodic than the previous songs. After the intense sound that ‘Cristal’ has, a quiet song enters your ears, ‘Mon Errance’. It’s a nice calm little song.

The album is very relaxed and dreamy.

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