Evilness and Darkness Prevails

乐队列表 Death Black Shub Niggurath (MEX) Evilness and Darkness Prevails
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Band Name Shub Niggurath (MEX)
Album Name Evilness and Darkness Prevails
Type MCD
发布日期 五月 1994
出版公司 Guttural Records
制作人 Hans Mues
录制地 Estudios Tequila
音乐风格Death Black


Re-Issue in 2006 by Guttural Records with a different artwork.
1. Lying the Dormant Awaits 04:20
2. Zatanazombie 04:06
3. Thy Black Dawn 04:23
4. Nightmares from Beyond 05:57
5. The Ninth Revelation 03:47
Bonustracks (Only on cd)
6. Demon's Conjuration 04:27
7. Legion's from Absu 03:54
Total playing time 22:33

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Shub Niggurath (MEX)