Everybody Loves Sausages

乐队列表 Sludge Metal The Melvins Everybody Loves Sausages
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Band Name The Melvins
Album Name Everybody Loves Sausages
Type Album
发布日期 30 四月 2013
出版公司 Ipecac Recordings
音乐风格Sludge Metal


1. Warhead (Venom Cover)
2. Best Friend (Queen Cover)
3. Black Betty (Unknown Cover)
4. Set It On Fire (The Scientists Cover)
5. Station to Station (David Bowie Cover)
6. Attitude (The Kinks Cover)
7. Female Trouble (Divine Cover)
8. Carpe Diem (The Fugs Cover)
9. Timothy Leary Lives (Pop-O-Pies Cover)
10. In Every Dream Home A Heartache (Roxy Music Cover)
11. Romance (Tales of Terror Cover)
12. Art School (The Jam Cover)
13. Heathen Earth (Throbbing Gristle Cover)