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Band Name Melechesh
Album Name Enki
Type Album
发布日期 27 二月 2015
出版公司 Nuclear Blast
音乐风格Thrash Black


 Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged
 The Pendulum Speaks
 Lost Tribes
 Multiple Truths
 Enki - Divine Nature Awoken
 Metatron and Man
 The Palm the Eye and Lapis Lazuli
 Doorways to Irkala
 The Outsiders

Total playing time: 01:02:25

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评阅 @ AlexMetal

26 十二月 2015

With just a BLACK touch of scent from Middle East

Melechesh is my favorite band now. During time I was very happy to discover the Oriental Metal. Discussion about Eastern vs. Western civilization and way of life could be very complex and there is no place and sense to be made here. What I want to point is even the Metal was born (and grow up) in West (Occident), it would a great lost for Metal without growing rich with the Middle East specific music.

A lot of Orient bands are performing know in the metal scene. Melodic progressive metal of bands such as Myrath from Tunis or Orphaned Land from Israel are maybe the most popular and the oriental perfume of the music are coming to us across their music.
Besides the sweet aroma of the progressive/heavy music of bands such of those previous named, there is another scent who come from the darkness and deepness of this part of the world: Melechesh brings to us the sweetness of the Orient but encased in the dramatic, violent, sad and no less sensitive sound of the black/extreme metal. As my soul is asking to me, I will always prefer this eastern black sound. Melechesh's sound is something that I was searching for, maybe unconscious, since I started listen Metal music.

"Enki", the last release of Melechesh, comes after the most commended "The Epigenesis" from the year 2010. I have listened many times both albums and first times was difficult for me to decide which I like most. Finally, I considered that "Enki" is more than "Epigenesis" in the sense of increase the consistency, complexity and melodic line of the riffs.
From all their albums, "Enki" is the most "heavier", in the way of combining classic/modern heavy metal with the black/extreme specific sound. Moreover, the touch of middle eastern music is more pregnant than in all their previous releases.
Within this album, the band expands their horizons and offer us a litany of pure metal including classical heavy riffs of bands such as Judas Priest, Accept and Iron Maiden, trash/death of Slayer and Metallica, together or followed up by rhythmic blasting of classical Norwegian black metal of the 90's. Last but not least, if you are extreme/black metal deep in your soul, the music together with the lyrical theme is just what are you need to be more misanthropic, anti-religion and God's hater than ever.

This would (maybe) enough for a high quality release. But now comes Melechesh touch itself. I always said, there is non-sense for European or American bands to play oriental music. Purely, they cannot feel right (I have just in mind "Nostradamus" of Judas Priest). Orient music shall come from the East. Melodic oriental extreme Metal? Why not? Every extreme metal band has something to learn from Melechesh sound and music.The guitar riffs are killer amazing. In fact, the guitars are taking the key role in the whole story. Even they bring the same distorted sound in each song, the result is that each song is finally different. And there is another important think on the sound of Melechesh: the originality and what is really magic comes from behind the front-line which usually is aggressive-brutal, in the common sense of the extreme metal.

"Enki" release finally comes as a polishing act of Melechesh whole career.
The power of this release seems to smash everything around. The guitars are nervous, dramatic, sad and deeply melodic, the drums are incredible sustaining the whole structure and the rasp of Ashmedi is full of vitriol but amazing tragic and soulful in the same time as never before. Speaking for myself, I think I find one of the secretes of Melechesh's music: the voice is rasping on the beginning of the line and just touch in the end with a sad-sweet tonality. What the extreme bands has to learn from Melechesh's release is that we really love to hear the bass in the extreme music. As in no other genre, the bass in Metal are not coming in front. His role is to gild and thicken the sound. There is non-sense what I'm saying? Just listen, if you have the technological means, to listen the release without bass sound.

As the situation is with all the other preferred releases and bands, here I also have my favorite songs, even all are just amazing.
First is "Multiple Truths". In this song the bass is more just present, as I said before. Besides, this song is the most closely to classical heavy metal. My heart's is effectively broken when I'm hearing "Shipwreck in the sea/Of confusions" (see what I was saying about lyrical themes). This song could be an hymn for those who believe that misanthropy and fury against the world is the "normal" way to feel, taking also into account the betrayal and hypocrisy of God.
"Enki-Divine nature awoken", the title track, is one of the best extreme metal songs ever. The intro, the grooving rhythms, the cathedral and astonishing riffs and a monstrous, horrific and dramatic vocal..what a f..k, incredible. Within "Enki", Melechesh strong argues the self title of their music: Mesopotamian Metal.

“The Pendulum Speaks” and “The Palm, the Eye and Lapus Lazuli” are really catchy, if we can say that in the extreme music. These songs are short tunes, very melodic, and there is a good propaganda to show that there is no crime at all to make the extreme music catchy and melodic. Besides, "The Palm..." is the song where the oriental sound is more present, being almost folk metal. I make here another "stop-pit", declaring my love to the specific sad minor scale of the oriental music.
Other tracks like “Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged” and the consistent heavy “Lost Tribes” are in the sense of brutal black sound of the band, making continuation with "Emisaries".
"Metraton and man" are incredibly sounds like U.D.O & Accept in their best performances. Really, first time I thought this is an Accept cover song.In fact, the song has two almost distinctive parts, the Accept's heavy sound as I said in the first followed by a typical black Melechesh tune with some minor death metal influences.
Even this release is based on short tunes, being so different than the previous "The Epigenesis", as a continuation and maybe as an announcement for their further productions, there is "The Outsiders", more than twelve minutes long. The structure is almost the same as "The Epigenesis", with clearly separated parts of the song.
Last but not least, there is an instrumental song "“Doorways to Irkala” who drag a bit at eight minutes. It's probably the best of these new-agey Egyptian soundtrack songs that they've done, with a catchy main melody.

Finally, I would say that"Enki" release is perfect for those who believe that you can be extreme, black and misanthropic but sensible as well and melodic extreme music is not a non-sense at wall, is just for those whose own soul vibrations are covering the scale of this incredible sound.

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