Endstilles Reich

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Band Name Endstille
Album Name Endstilles Reich
Type Album
发布日期 05 十月 2007
出版公司 Regain Records
音乐风格Black Metal


 Among Our Glorious Existence
 Endstilles Reich
 Der Ketzer
 Vorwärts! (Sturmangriff II)
 I Am God
 No Heaven Over Germany
 The One I Hate

Total playing time: 48:45

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评阅 @ Die4Dethklok

04 十二月 2008
Typical Black Metal... Fast drums, guitar riffs that seem endless, and reverberate around you, even when the track is over, and bitter vocals that really drive home the message of what a shyte world we live in.

Although the album is titled “Endstilles Reich”, Endstille are “Resolutely, Proudly, and Militantly Anti-Nazi” (Quote from ‘Terrorizer’ magazine #167). My favourite track is ‘Endstilles Reich’, as it speaks of “Endstilles Reich” as a place to go after death, a place to escape from our world “...Full of Stupid and Sick Humanity...”

With its bitter vocals, endless riffs and suicidal themes, one can’t help but be affected by this track.

A recurring theme throughout this album is the pointing out of the stupidity of war, and an undying rage against God, who has corrupted and betrayed humanity and made us what we are today, a God-fearing swarm of Idiots.

This album is pure Black Metal, in the way that it’s fast but slow at the same time, with scathing vocals, and lyrics that carry a message... True metal... not the Satanic or “Kill’em All” (reference to ‘Metallica’ not intended, they’re obviously not Satanic/Death) Death/Hate Metal that gives our kind a bad name... although I do quite like ‘Gorgoroth’, ‘Dimmu Borgir’ and ‘Cannibal Corpse’...

Tracks 8/9/10, ‘Scars’, ‘Erase’ and ‘Endstille (Realität)’ respectively, are a bit different. ‘Scars’ is a story of pain, suffering and loss, which trigger off a hatred for God. The next two tracks are also slower, but hold a theme consistent with the rest of the album.

To the untrained ear, this album will probably sound like a 53minute song, I admit myself that when I first heard the album I had trouble differentiating between each track, so this album gains more credibility for its lyrical theme than its actual music, but don’t get me wrong, the music is brutally awesome, but it’s a bit ‘samey’.

The booklet contains lyrics to most of the songs, and the art within is pictures of Kiel, from where Endstille hail, in 1945. These pictures are sure to affect different people in varying ways.

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