Descend into Depravity

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Band Name Dying Fetus
Album Name Descend into Depravity
Type Album
发布日期 15 九月 2009
出版公司 Relapse Records
制作人 Steve Wright
音乐风格Death Grind


1. Your Treachery Will Die with You 03:34
2. Shepherd's Commandment 04:28
3. Hopeless Insurrection 04:32
4. Conceived into Enslavement 04:24
5. Atrocious by Nature 03:52
6. Descend into Depravity 05:02
7. At What Expense 04:37
8. Ethos of Coercion 03:16
Bonustracks (Japanese/Digital Edition)
9. Grotesque Impalement (Live) 05:02
10. Twisted Truth (Pestilence Cover) 04:06
Total playing time 33:45

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评阅 @ Unicorn88

08 一月 2012

Political technical death metal grind at its best

Dying Fetus is a death metal band from Maryland. They are the most political straight up death metal band ever. That's a fact. For those who like to keep their politics and metal separate, just don't read the lyrics. Otherwise you'll miss out on a truly amazing album. Trust me, it sounds no different than any other death metal piece except for it may be faster and more brutal.

John Gallagher is a guttural guitarist god! I have yet to see a guitarist who can do vocals better then John. His signature deep low growl is an audible delight for any death metal fan. Don't forget that he's also a very technical guitarist and one of the best, if not the best guitarist/vocalists in death metal. What he lacks in beauty, he makes up for in talent and he is one ugly dude, no offense to MR. Gallagher.

Sean Beasly is the only bassist that can challenge Alex Webster for the best death bassist title. Where normal bassists mimmick the guitars in the background, Sean matches note for note with the guitar, and makes damn sure you notice! He can turn an amazing John Gallagher guitar solo into an amazing John and Sean simultaneous string section solo. You have what sounds like a bassist taking on a guitarist in a solo duel. The technicality just blows my mind in the best way possibly possible. His vocals aren't too bad either. Mids and highs, compliment Gallagher's lows very well. The one thing is that he slurs his vocals. It's not really a bad thing. It sort of adds a rawness to his vocals.

Dying Fetus somehow finds amazing drummer after amazing drummer. The drums match up with everything and adds technicality and an overall speed. Keeping up with the string section duo is no easy task but Trey Williams seems to do it semi-easily. From technical drum beats to all out speed blast beats to dramatic breakdowns, Trey can do it during any song. In DF's revolving door of drummers, Trey seems like he can hold his own and match the intensity of the drummers before him.

In all, Dying Fetus is one of the rare bands that gets better with age. 19/20 is my rate. Brutal technical death metal/death grind at its best.

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Unicorn88 - 08 一月 2012: Yeah. Lol idk. theyre more brutal than other death grind bands.
Crinn - 08 一月 2012: then you should listen to bands like Cattle Decapitation, Skinless, Gortuary, and Brutal Truth:P haha don't think i'm ripping on dying fetus, they're one of my favorite bands xD
Unicorn88 - 09 一月 2012: Mine too. I cant wait for Reign Supreme to come out. & Skinless is amazing. Its just when i think of deathgrind, i dont think of bands like DF & Skinless, i think more of bands like Carcass which were more melodic but still had the grind energy.
Unicorn88 - 09 一月 2012: Like i think of bands with a grindcore sound with death metal lyrics, instead of bands with an energized death metal sound & grindcore lyrics