Demo 1995

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Band Name Black Mass Of Absu
Album Name Demo 1995
Type Demo
发布日期 1995
出版公司 Self-Released
音乐风格Brutal Black


1. Your Soul Belongs to the Goat
2. Strangled by the Tail of Lucifer
3. The Bloody Feast of Our Horned Savior
4. The Inquisition
5. Servant of the Darklord
6. Rise of the Unholy Beast
7. Infected Blood of Christ
8. Urine Soaked Purity
9. Virgin Sodomy & Decapitation
10. Vile Odor of Shit
11. Scrotum Detachment by Meat Cleaver
12. Burn in Hell (Twisted Sister Cover)
13. Harder than Goat Feces in Winter
14. Dark Sword of Abaddon
15. Satan's Supper

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Black Mass Of Absu