Coroner's Inquest Suit

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Violent / Sexual Content
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Band Name Flesh Grinder
Album Name Coroner's Inquest Suit
Type Album
发布日期 30 十一月 2005
出版公司 Goregiastic Records
音乐风格Death Grind


1. Cold Gangrene
2. Hemorragica
3. Putrescine (The Germ)
4. 700 Autopsies
5. Cadaveric Saponification
6. Ruptured Carcinoma of Ascending Colon
7. Rectal Prolapse and Hemorroidal Collapse
8. Flesh Grinder
9. T.B.N.C.I.H. - Necroconsume
10. Ritual Removal of the Clitoris
11. C.C.C.T. (Close Cranio Cerebral Trauma)
12. Use an Enteratoma In a Blue Vulva
13. Blood, Pus, and Gastric Juice
14. Four Decades of Gore
15. Act I: Shi
16. Act II: Zombie Flesheater
17. Act III: Antropophagus
18. Act IV: Terror Brazilis