Concerto for the Undead

乐队列表 Melodic Death Stigma (ITA) Concerto for the Undead
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Band Name Stigma (ITA)
Album Name Concerto for the Undead
Type Album
发布日期 30 四月 2010
出版公司 Pivotal Rockordings
制作人 Jona Weinhofen
音乐风格Melodic Death


1. Chop His Head Off!
2. Prove You Are a Man!
3. …And They Died Happily Ever After!
4. A Monstrous Feeling
5. The Undertaker
6. What About a Terror Ride
7. 3000 Years and Still Keeping It Real
8. A Grave Situation
9. Beat Me Maestro, Eight to the Dead!
10. Doctor Skeleton