Blessed Black Wings

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Band Name High On Fire
Album Name Blessed Black Wings
Type Album
发布日期 2005
出版公司 Relapse Records
音乐风格Heavy Metal


1. Devilution 04:46
2. The Face of Oblivion 06:40
3. Brother in the Wind 05:36
4. Cometh Down Hessian 05:15
5. Blessed Black Wings 07:43
6. Anointing of Seer 05:39
7. To Cross the Bridge 07:20
8. Silver Back 03:14
9. Sons of Thunder 07:10
Total playing time 53:23

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评论 @ bloodtread

25 九月 2011


Blessed Black Wings is High on Fire's 3rd studio album and i just can't put into words how truly awesome this album is. It combines some seriously heavy floor tom and bass drumming with epic guitar riffs from Matt Pike and the bassist plays a big part in the songs as well. I personally am a big fan of stoner and sludge metal and I have heard great bands like weedeater,down,bongzilla and sourvein but none of their albums alone are as great as this album. I am not a big fan of High on Fire's earlier work but this album is truly magnificient. An absolute masterpeice! You will not be dissapointed if you purchase this and I recommend listening to the tracks The Face of Oblivion,Cometh Down Hessian,and especially Brothers in the Wind!

The riffs in brothers in the wind are incredibly catchy and you cant tell how much work has gone into this album, every song is unique and there is something that appeals to everyone there is melodic parts in songs as well as some serious heavy riffage and eargasmic drumming. Another point, the vocals differ in how they are sung like in the song "Silver Back" the vocals are fastpaced and loud where as in the song "The Face of Oblivion" the vocals are sung at a slow tempo with more emotion. Buy this album and support the band because they are incredibly talented and if you are a true fan of stoner/sludge metal you shall not be dissapointed.....

If you are a fan of stoner metal I reccomend you check out some of the following bands
>Electric Wizard
>Toner Low
>Goblin Cock

Thank you for reading the review and make sure you check out "Blessed Black Wings"

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metaleciton - 05 七月 2014: Cet album est tout simplement un des meilleurs disque de Stoner/Metal que j'ai écouté dans ma vie.

Chaque titre est un univers riche et profond, j'ai rarement entendu une production aussi lourde que celle-ci.

Des gros riffs sur "Devilution" et "Cometh Down Hessian", du groove sur l'excellent "The Face Of Oblivion", de la mélodie planante avec l'incroyable "Brother In The Wind", et que dire de l'éponyme "Blessed Black Wings"...

Un chef-d'oeuvre!

Note: 18/20