Beer Vomit - Cerebral Commotion

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Violent / Sexual Content
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Band Name Beer Vomit
Album Name Beer Vomit - Cerebral Commotion
Type Split
发布日期 2000
音乐风格Death Grind


1. Drink, Puke, Die
2. Delirium Tremens
3. I Am the God of Beerz
4. A Brushteeth in Your Ass
5. Tellement Saoul J'ai Plus un Sou ...
6. Violence is Communication
7. Sooooo Sweet
8. Do You Like Mac Gyver Baby ?
9. A Teddy Bear Full of Drugs
10. TAG
11. Get Married and Kill Your Wife
12. J'ai Eté Acheté Mon Pain en Chaussons
13. Fukked up with Cocaine in Amsterdam
14. Fils de Pute ... Tu As Formaté Ton Disque Dur !!
15. Je Chie dans Mon Bain et Je Reste Dedans
16. I have Erections when I Watch My GG Allin Videos
17. Sluts Drinks Fukked up Mad Max Sperm
18. Where the Fuck is My Beer ?
19. Master of Puke !
20. Wanna, Madonna, Bannana, Metallica, Caca, Bouda, Jehova...
21. Pretty Girls Make a Piss I Love to Drink
22. Ben Ouai, la Derniere de Beer Vomit ...
23. Misses BUDD and the Fish
24. Bloody Vagina
25. Rip Off My Chest and Eat My Heart
26. Mom... I Sucked Daddy
27. Cerebral Commotion
28. Fecal Terrorism
29. Backdoor Outburst
30. Craving for Menstrual Secretions

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Beer Vomit