Anima Mundi

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Band Name Forsaken (MLT)
Album Name Anima Mundi
Type Album
发布日期 2004
音乐风格Melodic Doom


1. Kindred Veil
2. Sephiroth
3. The Poet’s Nightmare
4. Whispering Soul
5. The Eyes of Prometheus
6. Carpe Diem
7. All Is Accomplished

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评论 @ OneMetalheadInBuiding

05 九月 2011

This is really EPIC

When I reared first song in this album, I couldn't say anything, I thought it would be banal doom metal, but this is really epic. It has slow and rough guitar riffs. Basses are perfect and always in the mix. Vocals are epic. Drumming is very sick. I'm very glad that they brought keyboards (in previous album there was another guitar in keyboards place (R.I.P. Daniel Magri)), it makes album more epic. Lyrics are mainly about religion and suffering and I love it.

Almost every song is 7+ minutes long, except 'The Poet's Nightmare' which can be named as instrumental, because it is poem, with epic keyboard parts in background.

I met many doom metal bands, but second album like 'Anima Mundi' isn't in the world at all, so it deserves 20/20!!!

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