Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus

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Band Name Dark Funeral
Album Name Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus
Type Album
发布日期 18 十一月 2009
录制地 Abyss Studio
音乐风格Black Metal


Re-Issue in 2013 by Century Media with 5 bonustracks - DISC
 The End of Human Race
 The Birth of the Vampiir
 My Funeral
 Demons of Five
 Declaration of Hate
 In My Dreams
 My Latex Queen

Total playing time: 47:16

DVD (Limited Edition) Recorded live at P&L Festival, Borlänge, Sweden, 28/06/2008
 King Antichrist
 Diabolis Interium
 The Secrets of the Black Arts
 The Arrival of Satan's Empire
 Goddess of Sodomy
 666 Voices Inside
 Vobiscum Satanas
 Hail Murder
 Atrum Regina
 An Apprentice of Satan
 My Funeral (Music Video)

 King Antichrist (Live in Buenos Aires 2006)
 Diabolis Interium (Live in Buenos Aires 2006)
 Open the Gates (Live in Buenos Aires 2006)
 Atrum Regina (Live in Buenos Aires 2006)

Total playing time: 01:17:54

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评阅 @ hack

01 三月 2010
They formed in 1993 in Stockholm, Sweden. They gained a huge following in the 2nd wave of black metal. They've gone through many line up changes and guitarist Lord Ahriman is the only original member, who still remains in the band. I took about a 5 year break, from this band, since the release of Attera Totus Sanctus(2005). Because it was apparent that their music had degenerated into a repetitive mush of half baked ideas and predictable influences. So I thought that it would give them sufficient time to regroup their creative talents and I would come back to get another great album, like their earlier stuff. Well it looks like they took a 5 year break from that album also, since this is the subsequent album to Attera Totus Sanctus.

I was enticed to buy this album, because it was on sale for a 3 dollar discount. I wanted to check out their new album to find out what they're currently doing musically and also to read the booklet. The album title, Angeles Exuro Pro Eternus, is Latin for angels burn for eternity. All of the music was written by lead guitarist Lord Ahriman, but 3 of the songs were co-written by rhythm guitarist Chaq Mol. All of the lyrics were written by vocalist Caligula. This album was recorded and mixed at Abyss Studio in Sweden. It was mixed, engineered, and produced by Peter Tagtren of Hypocrisy. This album also comes with a DVD, that features a live performance at the P&L Festival in Sweden(2008). It lasts for almost an hour and also contains the uncensored version of the video, My Funeral, from this album. Which was filmed at an old mental hospital, that's been closed down for many years. This video was flagged by My Space, after about 30,000 views. But a censored version of the video was later allowed to be posted on that site.

The End Of The Human Race, thrashes with a lot of energy, though it does have some resemblance to their earlier track, The Arrival Of Satan's Empire. The Birth Of The Vampiir is about how someone was bitten by a vampire in their sleep and became a vampire himself. Although this song thrashes with a lot of melody, it does sound a lot like their earlier songs. Stigmata has a very melodic guitar lead, accompanied with vocals that are grimmer than usual, then the song picks up the pace and intensity. My Funeral grinds at a slower pace and has an epic rhythm. The music reminds me of the Hypocrisy song, Let The Knife Do The Talking. The lyrics are about a miserable person who welcomes death, by shooting himself in the head. The title track, Angeles Pro Eternus, thrashes at a medium tempo, and is another epic song that sounds a lot like the style of Hypocrisy.

Demons Of Five Rocks with a lot more melody than the previous songs. The lyrics are about demons who conquer heaven. Demons Of Five? This must be a reference to themselves, because they are a quintet and wear demonic face paint. Declaration Of Hate is a much faster song, than the previous ones. It thrashes with a catchy melody that sounds somewhat similar to The Relinquishment Of Spirit And Flesh, by Dimmu Borgir. The lyrics are very anti-religous. In My Dreams is a long and slower song. It's a dark epic ballad and it sounds a lot like the style of Hypocrisy. The lyrics are about nightmares sent to someone by the spells of a witch. My Latex Queen sounds more lively than most of the other songs on this album. The lyrics are about making lust with a goth girl.

Dark Funeral are a great live band and that is reflected on the DVD. It features 11 of the best tracks from their previous albums. Drummer Dominator is blast beating maniac. He's got a cool looking drum set, with the symbol of Baphomet displayed on both of the bass drums. Both the CD and the DVD are excellent productions, but the content of the CD doesn't sound very original. About half of the songs sound like recycles of their older music and the other half sound as if they were copying the style of Hypocrisy. This album doesn't totally suck, I just wish that they would try a fresh new approach, without selling out to some weaker style of crap.

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kmfcm - 02 三月 2010: You nailed it. It's another rewrite of Diabolus Interim. It even has the same cover (and so did the last album. . . . and have you noticed each album has a harder to remember latin title?). I’m the last person who will bitch about a band actually being consistent, but in this case the album they’ve released 3 times wasn’t that good the first time.
Demogorefest - 02 三月 2010: agreed, i've never liked Dark Funeral, they sound like a mixture of every norwegian black metal band with no unique sound of their own. DF is one band i never understood how people could like so much
hack - 03 三月 2010: Yeah, you guys are right and the only album worth keeping, is their 2004 live album from South America. It is hard to remember their long Latin titles.