Act of War

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Band Name Ammonium
Album Name Act of War
Type Album
发布日期 05 九月 2018
出版公司 More Hate Productions
音乐风格Death Metal


 Beast from the Deep Sea
 Killing Craft
 I Want You Be Dead
 From Dusk Till Dawn
 World Disorder
 We Are Hunters
 Act of War

Total playing time: 33:28

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评阅 @ resurgam

18 二月 2020

the death metal brigade from the weapon capital of Russia

Dear ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you AMMONIUM - the death metal brigade from the weapon capital of Russia - Izhevsk. Metal archives show us that the year of birth of this thunderous phenomenon – was 2011. Band wasn’t hurry, rehearsed a lot to present the best stuff they can do. And it’s not last surprise on this album – I will tell you about it later. To this moment, group has released an EP and two full-lengths - in 2015 and 2018 years.
Cover art of this CD is already captivating, cruel, dark - like the sky on a December night, only illuminated by flashes of searchlights and automatic bursts. I must also note that inside we have the 8-page booklet with normally printed text in readable font, also there is some related information.
Yeah, actually AMMONIUM starts with a depressing intro that looks more like a beginning of some horror or catastrophe series - the same low-frequency tunes, technological sounds ... and then the Act of War itself begins.
Old school, atmospheric and close to average tempo, later moves to faster reefing, and speed changing is rule number one for AMMONIUM on this disc. Guys arrange an insane string shootout, covering the area capitally, ... and impeccably. You will like it.
Riff rhythm-section fire from the flanks is suddenly covered by solos, which, like flamethrowers, add a piece of light into this death metal darkness. Suddenly, there is a place for impressive melodic decisions - the beginning of the track “I Want You Be Dead.” And not only there. The guitarists were given (or maybe they won in the cards) enough space to show their skills.
While exploring a booklet, we can see that there is a main vocalist and a drummer on backing vocals. Fine. The vocalist works in the low-frequency harsh growling on the edge - and, according to the sound engineer, should not pass through barriers that are installed by the instrumental base. Decided very real - harmoniously. The vocalist seriously justifies the word “vocals” that stands near his last name. And where is necessary, he ominously changes his intonation, works higher and lower.
As I promised, there is more surprises on this CD. AMMONIUM decided to include the performance of two musicians in its cast iron canvas to give it an international character. And believe me, this is done more often than we suspect. Just need to read booklets. Another thing is that the musicians are both from Sweden, Carl Stjärnlöv - guitars from the coolest band Diabolical and ... Rogga Johansson - guitars, a member of countless death metal bands (from the more famous ones - Necrogod, Paganizer, PermaDeath, Pile of Skulls, Putrevore, Revolting , Ribspreader, Rogga Johansson, Severed Limbs). Rogga is a brand itself. Recently, I just listened to him on the amazing collection Transcending Obscurity Records - Label Sampler.
Recommendations? Act of War, as it seems to me – first gas with musicians from the rhythm section, like warming up motors. Mid-tempo and menacingly, confirmed by vocals and strange choral support. Vocals and instrumental suddenly collapse into a single steel warhead, and weld seams are sealed with electric welding solos. 4 and a half minutes of death metal attack!
It also happens - first an interview, and then a response. Well, of course, I listened to the AMMONIUM band before a thorough conversation, but the disk that passed the necessary hub stations of the Russian Post is still a real disk, which sounds different)) link for the interview. For those who didn’t read yet…
P.S. The album was highly appreciated (for example, 93 from 100) with our foreign colleagues - metallists. I liked the beginning of one of them: "Ammonium is another fantastic example of the ever growing army of great Russian metal bands."

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