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Band Name Blood Red Angel
Album Name Abyssland
Type Album
发布日期 2008
出版公司 Twilight-Vertrieb
音乐风格Thrash Metal


1. Intro
2. Ceremony Of The Condemned
3. Revelation
4. Demon Driven
5. New Born Virus
6. Abyssland
7. Enforced
8. Decline
9. Dead End Corridors
10. Itn
11. Independent
12. Intro II
13. Hostile
14. Leaders In Disguise

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Blood Red Angel

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评论 @ dranoel

08 十二月 2010
Thrash! Thrash! Thrash! I’m sure that Blood Red Angel will play this style also in one hundred years… Klaus Spangenberg presents his vocals during the technical versed and directly hitting compositions in intense and characteristic manner as usual. Some songs do not need any experiments, but in between the band slows down a bit and changes speeds felicitously. Consequently tracks like the title song Abyssland sound variably because Blood Red Angel are that self-confident to say good bye to high speed. In following piece Enforced Mr.Crime Spangenberg uses his vocal chords differently and also the hellish grooving and dry as a bone rocking Decline cares for surprising reactions. The cryptically entitled ITN (means Into The Nothingness after having a look at the booklet) shows another facet in Mr.Crimes’ vocal abilities: nice clear vocals fit this ballad perfectly showing the wish to ignore genre’s borders without denying their roots. Therefore the journey to Abyssland is really interesting.

Blood Red Angel still have Thrash in their veins, but they know that this kind of music will get boring for the listener without any risks and experiments. For sure also traditionalists will like these uncommon ingredients in perfectly dosed portions – a fine album!

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