Vortech : Devoid of Life released for free

Sunday 08 April 2012 - 11:10:20 by torniojaws

The new full length album Devoid of Life has been released for free by Vortech, the Finnish Industrial Death Metal band since 2000. You can download it from http://www.vortechmusic.com

The album also features, for the first time, live drums by Ville Miinala and also features the new vocalist Mikko Nikula.

    1. The Black Rite
    2. Neurovirus
    3. Shattered Cities
    4. Demon In the Circuitry
    5. Frozen Machine
    6. Lost
    7. Unveiling the Future
    8. The Apocalypse
    9. Grains of Reality


    Juha Untinen - Guitars, Bass, Programming, Lyrics
    Ville Miinala - Drums
    Mikko Nikula - Vocals


    Mixed and Mastered by Teemu Miinala
    Engineered by Juha Untinen
    Artwork by Juha Untinen



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