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Barge to Hell - first bands announced
Mercredi 28 Mars 2012 - 16:14:32 par Deesse_de_la_nuit

Cruise festivals are getting really popular. The newest addition to this type of Event is BARGE TO HELL. Done by the same organizers who did 70000 tons of metal, this new cruiseship will be focusing on more "extreme" type of metal bands.
The cruise will leave Miami on December 3rd and go to the Bahamas. The ship will be back in Miami on December 7th. The festival's Capacity is 2000 people. The festival will have 40 bands in total.
The first bands were announced yesterday. The organizers announced 1 band per hour, for 16 hours. Several metalheads followed up the announcements thru the festival's website or thru their Facebook page.
Here are the bands announced so far: Sepultura, Krisiun, Rotting Christ, Enslaved, Hypocrisy, Sanctuary, Sodom, Moonspell, Paradise Lost, Possessed, Sacred Reich, Loudblast, Six Feet Under, Morgoth, Artillery and Hackneyed. 
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