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Band's list Pagan Folk Fferyllt Dance of Druids
Album, Released date : 09 February 2009 - Stygian Crypt Productions
Style: Pagan Folk

RATING : 19/20
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1. A Celtic Tale 02:10
2. Night of the Woodgod 05:26
3. Following Skadi 04:20
4. Dance of Druids 05:09
5. Autumn's Gold 05:57
6. Warriors of Ireland 06:41
7. Jule 03:32
8. Winds of Trondheimsfjorden 04:06
9. Gjallarhorn 05:21
10. Lai Lai Hei (Ensiferum Cover) 07:30
11. Inis Mona (Eluveitie Cover) 04:43
Total playing time 54:55

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25 ratings 1 19/20



(English translation)

Roar… Quiet crackling of spring fires,
Forest calls to the darkness of nights.
Smoke. It reaches out to the clouds grey,
Shine of ardent eyes.
Roar… Runs again through echoing forests,
Shine, heady shine of the Moon.
Roar… We're following the song of the winds
Behind. We're free, like a breeze.
On the winding paths,
We're running after the Deer's howl,
Above the wall of trees
We see the smoke rising,
On the high grasses
Flows the light of the silver moon,
We will go round,
In spring's fairy round-dance.
Wood. Branches reaching out to the sky.
The wood path takes us away.
Hazy clouds hang above our heads,
Through the night Cernuinn's roar is heard.
The Deer's song is running
In wild roar under night sky,
Wind tousles our hair,
We're running through the grass, touching our knees,
Scarlet flame is dancing,
Wood is singing it's spring song,
Black shadows are circling,
The ghosts are dancing round.
Wood. Moon pours it's light from spring skies,
Grasses spark with dew.
The Wood-God is running, from his mighty hooves
Trace is left in the grass.
Again to the flowering meadows
The wood path brought us.
In new high grasses
Our bared bodies will sink.
On green stalks
Lays it's light young moon,
We're spinning in spring dance,
Like in chains of heady dream.
Roar… Quiet crackling of spring fires,
Forest calls to the darkness of nights.
Smoke. It reaches out to the clouds grey,
Shine of ardent eyes.

The first pale ray of the Sun
Shines through trees pattern,
On the green meadows
Softly dies out the last pile,
The vault of heaven will be cleaned
From the trace of dark night clouds,
Above the waking forest
Again will fade Cernuinn's roar…


The northern night's shining by fires of enemy's ships
Is awakening my mind from the trance…
It's time to remember all blood and all sorrows
And swords of my brother's in wildest dance…

When beauty dawn closer I'll raising my hands
To Asgard through grey northern clouds…
My beautiful Goddess, I'm following you
Towards wars and battles and storming sea's sounds…

In enemy's eyes I have red a great hatred,
The revenge was flashed on the edge of my sword…
And Scadhi will wait till I'm ready to follow –
Together we'll save our beautiful world.

The cold wind of freedom will break off all chains,
And push in the embrace of war…
And forcing my heart to remember all names
The Valhall will open the door…

The Child of the Will is your name I know…
All wishes and dreams in your hands.
Like you I will stand on the native land's snow
Protecting my dear Fatherland.

There were many battles that we had seen,
And our foes are dead…
Now going to Valhall I'm following you
Highly raising to stars my head…


Old stones by the sun will be lighted,
Summer's longest day will begin.
We'll make a sacrifice to remind
The Gods and Goddesses for our win.

The cheerful clang of the sickle is around –
Anticipating the pleasure of Gods.
We're making better our beautiful ground,
Our native land spilling enemy's blood

Hands to sun we have raised…
Fire of hearts and mood of Midsummer is reflecting in our eyes...

Druids gather in glade of the forest,
Silently talking near stone altar
The scoured echo of the oldest stories
Is flying through branches to the Northern stars.

“We're there… We're staying on our Great land
With bowls full of a glimmer blood…
For you, the Gods, our open hearts and
For sun, its arrows through the clouds…

Between the elements our freedom
It's time to glorify the crop…
Let's fade everything we needn't
And ask the win in future war!”

When spirits of the forest are dancing near the fire
The twilight will come to us from horizon's line.
The silence has enveloped the loudest someone's crying…
And summer's songs of birds and wind will recall in our mind.

“The Gods! Take the gifts from our land
And give the goodwill for our tribe.
We've sent in battle not one thousand
Their names by ice wind have been scribed…

No more our land will be another's…
Our wish is enemy's fast death.
The Queen of Hel will waiting for them
When they are gone by icy breath…”

The northern night is closer; the longest day is ending…
Old stones are raying the heat like from entrails of Earth.
And in the middle of the world named Midgard we're standing
While in the bowl is impious blood of a christian girl.


The autumn rain on a frozen valley;
The bird's wedge is calling our souls fallow them…
Dejected trees will be colored in yellow
As soon as the sun will whispering your name…

Oh, Gods, I am waiting your anger,
Sitting near water where my sword will sink.
My land has been locked by a stranger,
Has been covered by night's black wings.

Remember a time when the trickle of water
Was streaming to hands like a diamond's drops,
When silky grass was caressing our bodies
And our hearts were full by eternal hope.

The fields are empty, the woods are burnt -
Our kings have been blinded by shining of gold.
The autumn treasure as rich as yours,
Its fading is my trouble untold…

The Earth in gold is a dream of tomorrow
In stuffy metal it's restless soul.
We can't be ruthless, we can not borrow
Its shabby heart hearing Mother's call.


For last time I see you, my fatherland proud
The voice of the horn calling you is too loud
Our foe is so close, as we hear his war cry
We go to the midnight to fight and to die.

Thunder in the sky is calling us to die,
To die for your freedom, your truth and your pride.
All hand-by-hand forever we'll stand
Enemy shall run from our land!

Reminding my fathers, before me they're gone,
Ages and spell turned them into stone,
I hear cry of Erin, who loved me so well,
I hear shore of waters and ring of the bell.

Your heroes await thee, we see them arise,
Their power and might come to us from the skies,
The Morrigan's shelter will cover our heads,
And Erin will wait ‘till we rise from the dead.


(English translation)

Strong oars crash to the waves,
Northern wind carries the ships,
Toward their home row grey-haired warriors,
Leaving strange lands far behind.

Grasping flock of ravens were circling
Under coverlet of night clouds,
Sleeping shore was covered, like with black wing,
With the shadows of the horrifying dragonheads.

Like a whirlwind we rode under crimson moon,
We didn't count slain enemies.
By our force we have taken the riches and glory
Of turned into dust strange shores!

In scabbards rests now icy steel,
Sky has changed its crimson color.
Passed out of sight flocks of black ravens,
The holds are crammed with wines and coins.

Winter sun shines through the clouds,
Throws its ray on snow-covered fjord,
Icy strong wind rips the sails –
It brings our drakkars to the homeward shore.

Bound up wives with sons will meet us,
Troll will hide in mountain ravine,
With tongues of winter piles, reaching out to the sky,
The fest of Yule begins now!

Again fill be filled our bowls,
Foreign wines flow, like a river.
Drunkenness again will overcome our heads.
Gloomy singer, sing your song for us!

And through the centuries Scald's strings will sing
Songs of our bold victories.
But the Gods carve again the Runes of War for us,
Their Spirit in us will never cease!

Again the sunset is colored with crimson blood,
Again we will leave our home for long.
The world will be shaken with our power,
Again we go to march for glory!


Icy winds blowing from raging Northern sky,
Drakkars are calling those who vocated to win or to die,
Sails on the horizon take away them far from home,
Many will grow in man, many they will not return.

Smell of burning yet not troubles,
Swords that rest in mighty hands.
Sound of thunder broke the silence,
That was heard in distant lands.
Rise ye sons of frost and metal,
Rise ye children of the waves!
Win the world or die in battle,
Send to Hel those christian slaves!
Fortress in fire, screams of the dying run through the night,
Sower of Discords stands by His faithfuls' side.
Rage of the Vikings turns into horror young and old,
Rainbow is rising, Asgard is shining with roofs of gold.

Rise ye sons of frost and metal,
Rise ye children of the waves!
Win the world or die in battle,
Turn to dust all christian slaves!

Wind brings the drakkars back to the Trondheim shore,
Met with the honor, maiden's smile and widow's sore,
Fires are taking bodies and arms of warriors slain,
Waves slightly whisper of battles that to be again…


There was no life in Midgard
For many times ago…
Our Gods gave it to us
And soon our time will go…
From Fenrir's genus on land
Our home and souls we must defend.

Nothing will mean for us that silence –
Calling you can hear between the winds…
Odin's sight from the sky
Invokes your heart to fight…

Keeping the sword near the heart,
We're waiting for the sign.
Out of the danger our lives
Directing by the Gods…
The Runes on our steel are glowing,
Our souls will never be bowing…

Mjellnir is dissecting the sky – let's die
Only after win of this war, we need no more.
Follow Heimdall's disturbing sound –
Gjallarhorn is sounding around.

An arrow of the lightning
Begins to kill our fear…
This sign is Thorr's reminding
That he is always near.

We'll draw the Runes on our hearts,
We'll glorify our Gods…

The last beam under Asgard
Is fading in the night…
The Twilight of the Gods
Is spilling among the clouds…

We'll draw the Runes on our hearts,
We'll glorify our Gods…

The scramble will take our souls,
Begin to whirl in dance,
Bloody dance of last fight
We must to use last chance.
From Fenrir's genus on land
Our home and souls we must defend.

Mjellnir is dissecting the sky – let's die
Only after win of this war, we need no more.
Follow Heimdall's disturbing sound –
Gjallarhorn is sounding around.

Odin's sight from the sky
Invokes your heart to die…


(No lyrics available)


(No lyrics available)

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