Zozobra : Harmonic Tremors

Sludge Metal / USA
(2007 - Hydra Head Records)
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1. The Blessing

She comes in waves.
When we crash, we break
Head floats away and swells
Just like an ocean
Are we hollow? Gone when winds blow
If it dies alone, can I call it my own?
Soaked to the bone,
My heaven has descended
I've seen deadly but beautiful catastrophes
Will she die or just asphyxiate?
As the waters swallow us whole
Will an angel come again?
No more demons screaming loud
As the waters swallows us
Liquid fill empty lung
Shadow eye seething teeth
Biting off poison tongues
Hypnotized into sleep

2. Kill And Crush

Burn in a cloud
Burning in the sky
All melting eyes still seek the fire
No melting eyes have found the flame
Hover and shine on days
High above holy lights
Seep slowly dead weight
Singing a prayer and song
Heavy with crushing tone
The words lost, still gone.
Ears that are filled with blood
Are deaf to the sounds of life
Scream loud now, Shine on.
Dead weight
Seep slow
High above holy lights
Hover and shine on days

3. Levitate

The corpse has risen
Hope is given
His arms are longing
Wrapped around me
We fall together
back to insects
They crawl inside us
Decay and become one
We grow into new forms
Emerge in the sunlight
He was of the same blood
Now we're both left with none

4. Soon To Follow

You stare for too long
Eyes filled with lust
So soon to follow
When shadows pass
Skulls deep in new graves
pretending dead
You're soon to follow
Black shadows last
Heads like our will roll
in pyroclastic flow

5. Silver Ghost

She can sense a lonely soul
Wander through her atmosphere
Haley's hair is choking throats
The silver ghost is starved of breath
She is hiding in her smoke
Weaving color strands of light
With no place left to burn her name
She dissipates alone again

6. Invisible Wolves

Gently swaying giants
Suspended in air
No halo floats without
The strings tied to it's god
Conducting choirs
Unleashing death floods
The harps that resonate his halls
Are heard from earth again
Souls that never rest
Carry on the wind
Leaving messages
Scattered in the sky
So block the gorgeous views
And mask the murders
They swallow every word
That's whispered under breath
It's too late, We're all dead
Drown the sorrow
Came crashing, Came crashing
Down in flames
Your planets only curse
Storms that die at kingdom's gates
Are storms that simply never came

7. Peripheral Lows

In a field of hollow bones
White and blind
Deadly when she left the ground
White and blind
Soaring on those shattered wings
Bleeding down on everyone

8. The Vast Expanse

Life here is air
Still far too cold to breathe
Helpless being
Swimming so endlessly
Dreaming of suns
Melting this mile of ice
What was once ours
In arctic and darker nights
Now is frozen still
Like a falling star
Will it warm again?
Lifeless dead hearts
Sink into my skin
And lift me up to god again

9. Caldera


10. A Distant Star Fades

Wade to me
Chasing those rising suns
That burned you lightly
On those wings and arms
Still voiding memories of hollow times
When stunning sensors led me seeing blind
Still heart sinks low
When you shine blinding glow
Its precious hailing white shower stars
Extinguish in waters the flaming spark
Its dying light wants our floating souls
She sees its beauty, I just hear its drone

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