Waste (SWE) : Banish Life Forever

Black Metal / Sweden
(2004 - Ningun label conocida)
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Las palabras

They Still Rot

Only dead birds fly,
among all the dark clouds.
The silence is so loud,
only dead birds sing.

800 corpses
rot together.
No sun shines,
everyone here is dead.

The fog surrounds them,
the air is hard to breath.
I am so alone here.
Among those who died.
The ground is drinking
from the wounds of the dead.
The air is filled
with the stench of those who still rot.

Banish Life Forever

All I want from you
all I demand from you
is that you end yourself
and banish life forever.

Stab yourself.
Commit suicide.

End it all.
Open your veins.
Let the blood out.
Let the blood pour.

The Siren Screamed

A big explosion, and it all turned black
in the night the disaster was here.
Reaktor 4 was no more.
That night in 1986

At 01:23 the siren screamed.
Panic struck all around.
People in a shade of green.
Oh.. so many died.

Successfully Failing

I float away in a sea of pain
here is only negativity
Here I am alone
No room for happiness here

I here words that is tearing me
they echo from a far
words that make no sense
Never felt this way before

Kindness has seased to exist
in this foggy ocean
my mind is turned insideout
and now I am drifting away

This is my curse..


All my memories remain
Memories of your pain
Now your pain is gone
But I still remember how you suffered

Seems like ages ago you died
It feels like a eternity
Almost like a dream
A dream of your painful end

I can still hear your screams
They echo inside my mind
The screams that you made
When I carved out your heart

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