Unquintessence : Ruined

Black Metal / Canada
(2002 - Galy Records)
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Ravens of Obscure glimmer, haunting his soul relentlessly
Constantly swirling above his decomposed carcass,
As they scream and stridently laugh at the fallen knight
Once nemesis to all…

For he is choking in his own body fluids
Cruelly harassed by his dread condition

Fearless soldier once enslaved by his sword, seeking unfounded revenge
Slaying kings by thousand, pledging his loyalty to none
Even to Gods he swore that his hatred against Humanity would be eternal
Condemned to be a bloodthirsty beast of war

Like a rampaging demon, he fought many battles, undefeated
And he mocked Death’s inevitable clutch

I am dead,
Decaying alone on the battlefield,
Being nothing more now than a disgusting feast for the vermins

Why am I still conscious?
Unable to move nor see anymore, yet sensing an horrid presence
Staring at my remains, a cold smile engraved in its reflection
Yes, I am forced to admit that I’m tormented,
Torn apart in fact by my bitter burden of Un-death
Hanging still between two worlds endlessly

Intense, is the shattering;
For my agony is getting more acrid and I’m chased without mercy
By uprising insanity

Am I denizen?
Why can’t I perceive deadlight’s benevolence
Trough the enlighten mirror of Chaos?

For it is I, who’s crumbling in silent standstillness


Of a sixth sense, I am graced
The everlasting shrieks of tortured souls, I hear
Chained in my mind, whispers of funeral omen
I’ve dreamt about fields of cadavers, about murder & mayhem
I’ve seen endless horizons of black desolation
All too real, the smell of decrepitude, the taste of silence

Withdrawn far away from the silvered surface
Beneath the Earth’s warmth, away from the celestial vault
Lost in an Abyss-like shadowrealm, hungry & cold
Struggling to breath within this poisonous void
Where Dawn has long ago been slaughtered by his own sons

Surrounded by primitive lifeforms
That once wandered the Land like me
I am trapped in an unknown dimension
Hurling my despair & cursing my anguish,
My ravenous desire to escape those nightmarish truths
Plunged in a whirlwind of mourning, frozen by a disrupted terror
So futile!

High above me, I see this carnal envelop… figuring
Which is suppose to shelter my soul, though it is empty
Nobody seem to have notice the lifeless void in my eyes

Of an unbearable talent, I am the victim
Lurking at the threshold of a distorted primeval era
Numb and disoriented
Awfully entangled by an absolute reason: Denial!
Oh it hurts…

Vomiting an inaudible shriek
An horrid chant of impure disharmony
For I am reaped by the discord of countless martyred spectres
Cruelly cast away & exiled in this stinking Purgatory
Where all those years
I’ve been desperately crying my destructive return

Undesired birth without any glorifying warmth
My coming bursting the womb of Creation
And my cries… echoing the absence of choirs and kindness


A putrid stench emanate from my livid soul
The weakness of my flesh is unable to contain
The loathing daemon trapped inside this feeble body
Feared shade amongst mortals being,
Invisible, yet they resent my unwelcomed and disturbing presence

For I have been despised by the mundane cycle existence & afterlife
Condemned by divine laws, regurgitated by Death,
For even his scythe won’t bring my demise and won’t put an end to the suffering

A stained Ether, throughout time, gave birth to a grotesque roaming debris
I’ve fell deep down the well of never-ending repugnance
Lowest of lifeforms, nourished & raised in violent hatred,
Channelling all that which is evil in men

My reflection cursed by disgust
Rejected human love & appreciation

And forever now, I am drowning in the troubled waters of impurity
Plaguing earthly virtues has a parasite
Seeking retribution trough violent acts of debauchery
But I am lost between different trails of evolution,
I have transcended to became an outsider to this known plane of reality

Caught in a Maelstrom of lethargic ascendancy
Where Time has no effects, for its reign, thought great, is also limited

Has I was lured away from the crystallising light
I slowly became a wandering silhouette, melting in this hellish furnace
Truthfulness murdering my crippled soul to nothingness eternal

I’ve walked this landscape, more than once…
(Holding back my inquisiting wrath)
Mourning my incestuous legacy, my generous birthright
To be racked down to frightful facts & torn apart
To finally end up crucified asunder by my crystal clear perception

My hatred, the loathe rightfully justified toward the like of thee
For you are the source of all my inspiration…
I’ve pierced the shell of my soul, truth revealed that I’m still
Strangled by this fatally wretched destiny
For if I scream, no one will hear me!


From my passage, I will leave a malignant seed in ye
Piercing & raping your blind beliefs of happiness

By damnation, I have fell…
And I am now deprived of the flickering light of hope nurturing kind spirits
Shielded against all the backstabbing emotions
No longer a slave to bestial instincts, so poorly human, of procreation… of true love
To false ideologies & concepts of appealing, I wage an everyday war!
For I am besieged & adorned by an horrid splendour

This frail essence inside of me, still pure, is slowly leaking
For every time I sense living flesh drawing near,
Every time I witness they’re lamb-like ignorance,
My blood turn winter cold, darken and run thick

I behold, a withering surrounding of a dusty grey
In those country sides, the wind is whistling the sound of sinister violins
What a disturbing prelude to the fate less journey that I'm about…
To undertake

I have taken the darkest of paths, forbidden even to gods
Duelling with the Reaper, guardian of the gates,
To finally cross the entrance…
I’ve slaughtered Death!

We destroy, what you are bound to create
Our revenge is generated by scriptures & sound
In order to survive we decay, spreading forth our pestilence
So called; soul-crafted Art

Then I awake, and I was numbed by desecration
A naked landscape so pure has opposed, to everything I’ve ever seen
Unveiled before my eyes with such nonsense
Imploding by intense pain in scorching emptiness
I am permeated by such rabid revelations,
For they’ve showed me unseen fatalities feared by the weaklings

Yet… I am so serene in this blooming era of uncreation
Has I search for answers and then foresaw absolution
It was inverted like a dreadful contorted reality, untouched by ages
And still in a primal state…

Now soaked and infused by higher strive to achieved Wisdom
I am reborn to obliterate filth,
To erase this failed experiment classified under; humanity
(As if this mistake had never been made)

The mighty Atlas crumbled, under the weight of my judgement
My forlorn kindred, sentence to global, international extinction
And if this was only a prelude…


The initial sin, the one on which you can supposedly rely
Yet at some point it was obvious (having a dagger rusting on my back,
Clawing its way trough my organs) that I was stabbed
By corrupt thoughts I once trusted; diverse and many

Betrayed by all, except by Truth; absolute and controlled
Until I desperately reach maturity in something more vast
(and let us say more… drastic)
Of words and its consequences,
Resulting in my current condition:
My concluding catharsis negates all that includes tolerance
(for too long have I bear the heavy burden of experience)
There is no rest for the Defiant, ever…

Circling around, tired, I drift silently in symbiotic duality with my surrounding
Cursed by the harsh duty of concealment

Hush, won't you listen…
To utter silence once and for all, for it is the most complex of music
It hold the melodies of your thoughts intertwined deep into your mind
Waiting to display their immense power
It simply holds the future to be projected, dreadful… limitless

I am splendid in my Nihilism
Exsanguis toward your Iconoclast,
Yet the shadow ever-lurking behind you…
And still I remain taller!

I am Stagnation (in its every forms), yet I march proud and lucid
…Toward scions of improvement
And don't you dare disturb my trance, for you'd wake the Forsaken
To ye, I am opposed polarity (an abstraction skilfully painted by Chaos)
A raging Behemoth cast in exodus from your homeworld Vault of Radiance
(After several years of rampage & destruction)

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