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Technical Thrash Unleashed Power Quintet of Spheres (Demo)
Demo, Released date : 1991 - Self-Released
Style: Technical Thrash

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1. It's About Hypocrites
2. Entombed
3. The Envoy of Sophistry
4. Quintet of Spheres

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The grimaces of surprise
Turn around no mass no size
Mechanical entity
Conscience with no gravity
Idealism of youth
Vanished along with the truth
The message they don't believe
Subconsciously they deceive
Abhor the changing of time
A government in decline
Habitant in a void space
Hypocrites reside in this place

It is all about the hypocrites
Who mock with our intelligence
The double morals become the norm
Not telling the truth propaganda
They have forgotten the real reasons
The seats they uphold twisting the form
The traitors and the thieves immune to the law
Bureaucracy and bigotry that won't thaw
Interest shifted away from the objective
Vanished enthusiasm and incentive

Mandatory involvement
In the game they repent
Exercise their wrongful force
Their power we must divorce
It's all about hypocrites
Whose lies and deceit won't quit
Impudent glow from the screen
The joker jests in this scene
Send a defiled delegate
So their lies will propagate
The grimaces of surprise
Turn around no mass no size

It is all about the hypocrites
Who mock with our intelligence
The double morals become the norm
Not telling the truth propaganda
They have forgotten the real reasons
The seats they uphold twisting the form


Violating the old rules
Strangers to this land
The creatures fall at this hand
Severed bones and limbs taken
By superstition and greed
Beauty destroyed by this deed

Cynical annihilation
Of all the creations
Not a chance for evasions
Unnecessary killing
Scintillating in their rooms
The species we will entomb
The balance interrupted
Recalling the archaic time
Museum piece enshrouded
Hear the death bells chime

Senseless eradication
They must be killed and sold
Extinction of life
Tales that must be told

Pernicious interference
Egoistic belief
Proliferation of grief
In concordant harmony
Destroyed by the human pest
Implant the infectious nest


Perpetual absurdity
Festered by incredulity
Unreasonable and closed minded
Resolutions uninvited
Thrive on inert disputation
Revel in equivocation
Reverberate the futile task
To discard the troth less mask

Tantalized impetuous and tense
Dereliction of benevolence
The omission of faith and facts
Validity of everyday acts

The envoy of sophistry

Dwelling in disappointment
And restrained by bewilderment
Misinterpret sum and substance
Progressing the mind's impotence

The envoy of sophistry

Probing the anesthetic insight
Respite to resolve or recite
Committed into transgressions
No time for lasting impressions
Never to achieve fruition
And transcend the limitation
A journey through a narrow path
To amplify anger and wrath


[Sphere 1: Preclusion by Naivety]

In its belief of its supremacy
Shattered domain of its naivete
Lazy and full 'til the reign got corrupted
Surprised its existence interrupted
Astonished by the disclosure detected

In this sad conference it sits in imprudence
Confrontation it detests naivety laid to rest
In a millennium broken continuum
Knowledge broke the line its existence divine

[Sphere 2: Tool of Nihilism]

Tearing carnage massacre done,
Thriving scourge nihilism won
Regaling itself on death by its hand
Destruction of life keeps it in command
abrogate life bludgeon the weak
Nihilistic pawn dragoon the meek
Dictator enforce paramount of hate
Obey to his whim and subordinate

[Sphere 3: Phlegmatic Perception]

White walls surround the entity
Mirror its stolidity
Stale amiss the indolence
Its voice cries in dissonance

Phlegmatic perception
Slothful reaction
Laziness prevail
Ignorant and stale

Caved in by misanthropy
Travelling through apathy
Fool of the turmoil
Antithesis of toil
Only the bereave
Talent to perceive
Confronted by fear
For the end is near
Its farce concluded
Its reign deluded

[Sphere 4: Defer to Despair]

Institute unimportance
Effluence of dejection
Disdained in depression
Accentuate negation
Trembling shake in its angst
Reflecting travesty
In its timid existence
Quail in its servility

[Sphere 5: Paradox of Sanity]

Raving in its frenzy
Delirium run a muck
Paradox of sanity
Severe trauma and shock
Jolt in maelstrom of conflict,
Perceptive disturbancy
Afflicted agitation
Frenetic lunacy

Antagonized fatuous mind
Distorted perception
Relinquish sobriety
Perverse contemplations

[Epitaph: Five Entities Unified]

As they come to realize
When their spheres merge into one
Their credence is their demise
Dissension has just begun

Belief of narcissism
Confronted discernment
By their fanaticism
Union rendered atonement

Communion solidified
Eternally unified

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