Trephination : With War Come Atrocities


1. Cloned Reocurrences

No, I didn't do anything!
Ask my skeleton because my brain will lie to you.
My mouth will prove it.
So don't tell me I'm in trouble.
No, 'out there' is where you should look.
Go find my double!
No, it was my clone!
Get your filthy hands off me!
I'll kill your whole fucking family pig!
I said get them off!
666 base pair encoding comprised from Far A
induced through mass spectrometry.
Din carbazole degradation, metacleavage enzymes,
hydrolase characterization.
The oligonucleotide is known,
the precise location of the disrupted subclone.
Somatic nuclear transfer technology,
replacing egg cells, creating a pregnancy.
Transfected embryonic brain DNA.
This procedure has left me completely insane.
While some mutant is raping this world
with my very same brain.
If I encounter this abomination of science
I know just what I'll do.
Exterminate with extreme prejudice,
believe me my words are true.
I wouldn't burn that ancient church to the ground!
I wouldn't murder that innocent catholic priest!
I wouldn't rape that little girl!
I'll stand trial for these atrocities, oh fuck this world!
I was arrested for genocide
during a murderous ethnic cleansing campaign.
Beholden to no nation or ideology.
The weak races were cast to the side,
the blood it fell like rain.
I laughed at the bloated bodies piled up
on the banks of the river, 50,000 less niggers.
I drank from the skulls of the dead, the men, women, and children
after my armies have killed them.
And I'll deny every word that I just said!
No, it was my clone!
Stop him now as he succeeds your throne!
I wouldn't spread the legs of the president's daughter!
I wouldn't chain that nigger to the bumper of my truck!
I wouldn't masturbate in the holy water!
For these trials shall reoccur, as was expected.

2. Threading the Twine

Blind with despair, I untangle the vines
And despondently prepare for threading the twine.
An umbilical connection to death and beyond this world.
The pain of being born is looked upon with scorn
From eyes deep within, as I feel the noose tighten just below my chin.
At last I'll be free from the burdens of being.
My meaningless birth forgotten as I hang from my rope
rigid and rotten.
How am I going to look with my tongue hanging out
and my face turning black? Sinuous declivity…
A conveying suicide, mine own murderer.
With the slipknot behind my left ear,
I anticipate choking to death slowly.
But with a crushed spinal cord and a broken neck
And violent shudders I asphyxiate.
A foul stench of death will follow as I simultaneously
urinate, ejaculate, and defecate from convulsive spasms.
My garroted desistance exhibits ill sentiments towards
All those subsisting contently.
A petechial admonition encompasses my face
From bursting blood vessels and oxygen starved cells.
Behold the V-shaped bruise on my neck!
Or will a violent jerk cause decapitation?

3. Citadel

Massive Nazi buildup meets their nemesis before dawn
An awakening of artillery breaks the calm before the storm
With the roar of man and machines
Katyushas scream in satanic symphony.
Spearhead of heavy armor breaks defensive lines
Shattered in their charge by anti-tank guns and mines
Infantry mauled and screaming
Agonized the cries, choking dust blind the battle field
Blood and chaos reign
Insane legions quicken the slaughter
Steel to steel, kill or be killed
War gods smile down
And watch the steppes turn crimson red
Bodies burn alive
Entangled in deaths grip
The battle for Kursk has now begun.
Wehrmacht drives into the Soviet anvil of defense
Panzer wedges concentrate on T-34 destruction
Hell shriek of the Stukas aligning their death dives
Each advance measured in inches
Paid for with human blood and savage pride
Deafening maelstrom of gunfire
Exchanged at point blank range
Turrets blown off tanks
Bodies lie torn and maimed
Burning hulls of armor litter the battlefield
Beacons to the war dead
Deaths Head impaled upon the salients of Kursk
Ironbound defenses, strategy dissolved
Tempest of fire, unrelenting ferocity
Feeling the promised victory decay
Tombs of steel burn against defiled skies
Out of the blackened ruins pour the Russian reserves
5th Guards Tank Army
Slayer of Totenkoff and Das Reich
In a last bid for victory enmasse the tanks for the death ride
The Kutuzov War machine
It was the bloodiest tank war in this world's history
SS divisions answer to the last man
And the tide starts to bend
Operation Citadel is now at an end

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