The Schoenberg Automaton : Vela

Technical Death / Australia
(2013 - Myriad Records)
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The true nature of evil
I can feel it coming, it looms on the horizon

Praise the king of deception, guiding us into oblivion
Promoting selfish ideals, the human race divided
In an attempt to gain my trust so I can later be exploited
No one sees eye to eye
No one knows what to believe
Primitive ideologies surrounding me

I refuse to see a reality of pure ignorance
And excuse me of my lack of tolerance
Choas - Complete

Hand carved idols adorned by all, unable to stare fear in the face
Taken by the hand of a man with a murderous obsession
Irreversible implications of an uprising

Mass depopulation is the latest trend of humanity
I detest what you stand for
Educating misinformation
Subliminal confusion

I see straight through your duplicity
Keep asking the same questions
Until you get a straight answer

Do not believe every influence
Don’t hold yourself back
Cast aside expectations

Our intellect will steadily dissolve
Into nothing if we stay on this course
A feeble minded population
Consistently question and blame themselves

It will never be the same


How long does it take to determine a purpose?
And discover a sense of meaning
To such a meaningless existence
Ultimately powerless in a scheme of insanity

How far must we search to locate the architects?
That caused us to fall
Consider this as the final chance
Take back our lives, rebuild our pride

Please understand we are not alone
In the quest for greater meaning
Expose inner workings of intellect
Regain logic reason

The machine continues on its path to self-destruction
Humanity is doomed unless the war machine is stopped

Impending failure
Absolute control is not an option
Break free from the demonic grasp
Of an everlasting kingdom of elite
We don’t know
They don’t need us to survive
Without us the plan comes alive
Denied one last time

Exploiting one simple decision
There must be more to this picture
Paint our desires, interpret the future
Escape the invisible hand dragging us further from success


Righteous, you uphold appeal but face a brick wall
Gritted teeth, they glisten with spit
Emanate ethic, will bring on war

War, I've seen this, I've seen this before
The signs are written in neon florescence

This is our chance to conquer and prevail
We will, we will not be victims
I want you to understand, behold the genome
Potential, limitless

We will not stand for this when we can take our own future

So the human evolves

We wanted this to be a shape of things to come
Not a revelation of science fiction
Instead the human gene, encoded to recreate
We will live to defy all written scripture
Increasing knowledge, fuelling our desire
To settle the debate

Ruined, no longer stand in denial
Wanted this, needed this
Time to bare all and raise the stakes
Clenched fists pound on their walls
We defy god as science creates


It all began from nothing
Dense heat and rapid expansion
Like a balloon inflates
Infinite energy
Perplexes the psyche
Illustrating the night sky

I sit back and ponder the mysterious existence
Of forms beyond perception
Beyond all comprehension
Powerful entities capable of complete destruction
Beyond all comprehension

Darkness consumes
Absorbing life into unfathomable depths

In a state of mind, warped by disguise
Control is implemented, step by step
Turning the gears, crushing bones
This must be reprogrammed

No compromise
Perfect demise

Transcending concepts of freethinking
The only condition is the system
In a place lost by our senses
Lies dormant the ghost
Past convictions forgotten
Future prosperity is obtained

It all began from nothing
Dense heat and rapid expansion
Like a balloon inflates
Infinite energy
Perplexes the psyche
Illustrating the night sky


Extraction, a need for information
Cold stare, precludes the devastation
Pre-planned, meticulous
Knowledge base, a knowledge base
Silver tongued, latch on the lies
The human condition is what I despise

Crystal rim brought up to crimson
From within I release a smile
A lie that defiles, a lie that defiles
Salt rubbing on a swollen lip
Cracked and broken
A crimson crevice set into my jaw
From a fight I hadn't seen coming
Memories flash a hidden agenda
Punctuated, I reflect to the fist
And face in the floor

My gaze cuts to the truth, for it is written
Forced within walls, of self-incarceration

Will I let it be, free as I give into the feelings I
The feelings I
The glass now broken in my palm
Cutting to the bone

Have I lost all control?
Not even the Xanax now ground into powder
I bite can help me get a grip on this world

Now we stare across a canyon made of liquor and lies
Biding over time until we die




This rock was never enough
To satisfy the craving
For something unexpected
I want more

Someone to respond to these broadcasts
Searching for answers from a place far from home
Demonstrating human progress
I wonder if we will find anything before we cease to exist
And not a single trace
Nothing at all
Fade into the history of time

Paradoxical equilibrium
We stand alone

I will not endure this
We are losing the connection with our natural world
The pressure is building, I hope you choose the right path
Enhancing future technology just to leave it behind
Unpredictable encounters are about to take place

Unexpected invasion
Take me on a journey to explore
See the symmetry of space and time
The darkest of energy devoured

An obscure transformation
Brand new exploration avoid cultural stagnation
Dive into a brand new realm
Discovery of travel between multiple dimensions

Dynamic conscious evolution
Unbelievable intensity overwhelming the fragile people
Scenes of terror amidst the streets of despair
Cataclysmic changes


A shard of light, cuts in, rationalise the situation
Proximal locations, induce anxiety inside
Water wells in Schlemm's canal, flooding the senses
Distort in saline silhouette, silken steel, confines, construct

Counterbalance to perspective

Mathematical mind melt, a prime configuration
Each equation plots our destination
Equal to the factor of human implementation

Cattle strapped to racks, drained of all they can extract
Process, process, corporate elation, process, process

Four walls and a room of hate, predatory senses take over, dictate
Ingest, ingest, your own degradation


Undesirable thoughts dictating the decline of man

Hallucinating I can feel it overtake
A desperate cry from a desolate place
Humiliation, there's no turning back
If there was a way to escape
Would you take it?
Or persist and let it consume
Every mental visual is the work of your own god

Mind control mechanism of a fatal perpetual brain damage

Adrenaline pumps through my veins
This fear creates a monster within
And I keep forgetting what it’s all about

Inner thoughts weave patterns of webs
That tangle and restrict composure

It must be time, to seek for approval, from your higher self
For each sequence is predetermined, until the game is over
And when it all ceases in an instant, nothing really matters

Lifesaving apparatus
Providing motive force
Of an insatiable thirst



The deepest sleep inducing an involuntary idea
Not a single word can describe this feeling
A sensation of intuition
Answers to every question
Subconscious encrypted subconscious

An aura emitting device is carefully installed into the invention
Catastrophic consequence
How can we save ourselves?

They stand in ore as it lights up
Reveals what we knew all along
This machine will eliminate life
How can you save yourself?

An automated anomaly of extreme power

Reaching a frequency of considerable volatility
A cascade of events
Overcoming a space you can’t escape
Open the gateway to a higher place

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