Ten Yard Fight : The Only Way

Hardcore / Etats-Unis
(1999 - Equal Vision Records)
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(If you were to talk to most athletes that had been around the league, they would say Boston is the place to play.) NO MAN IS STRONGER THAN THE CREW! Our team was committed, and you pledged to lead us through. Day by day, the message spread - Our numbers fucking grew. The plays were written, executed perfectly. Yards were gained, points were scored -A result of unity. Fucking Unity! But then the glory WENT TO YOUR HEAD. You took the credit for all WE FUCKING BLED. We Fucking Bled! You took something pure, and exploited it, for your own fucking fame. You're going down. YOU THOUGHT you were better than us all, but now you see that without your team, you're weak and you're gonna fall. I can't even stand to fucking look at you, you lost your right to be a part OF THE CREW. You're going down! YOU'RE GOING DOWN!


Our actions will speak louder than your fucking words! What did you expect when you went back on every word you ever said to us? Did you think that would build our trust? And I can't even count how many times I didn't call you on that shit, it just rolled off my back. But now that's in the past, because this one last time I cannot fucking laugh. It's so sad to see it turn out this way, but there's only so much that I can say. OUR ACTIONS will speak louder THAN YOUR WORDS! We will not follow your fucking lead (x2). Fuck that man! I will not follow your fucking lead.


Here's my fucking proof! Yeah! Why would I be sorry for living up to a standard I set for myself? Just because you were too weak man - TOO FUCKING WEAK! To make good on - ON YOUR FUCKING WORD? And this truth that I hold is my proof. IT'S THE PROOF that these feelings won't grow cold. But still you try - Perpetuate the lie, and from what I've seen, you've reached an all time low. And these words that I scream are more real than you will EVER FUCKING KNOW. And this truth that I hold is my proof. IT'S THE PROOF that these feelings won't grow cold. WHAT do you have left? ONCE YOU'VE GROWN OLD and lost all YOUR SELF-RESPECT? Well, I'll tell you what I FUCKING SEE - You've got nothing left because your heart's grown so fucking cold.


THE ONLY WAY! It's the only way FOR ME! As long as there's breath in this body, blood will run pure through these veins. And to you my way of thinking seems so fucking strange. But, THROUGH THESE EYES, from what I CAN SEE, it's the only way of living - it's the only way for me. YOU sold out half way through the season, you're giving us all a bad name. I've had enough of you mother fuckers! Is anyone out there still true to the game? And, THROUGH THESE EYES, from what I CAN SEE, it's the only way living, it's the only way for me. THE ONLY WAY... As long as there's breath in this body my blood - BLOOD will run pure THROUGH THESE VEINS. I can't see an excuse when my eyes are always clear, and from what I can see you're the one who lives in fear. You may change but I'll stay true to the game!


I'm not trying to step on anybody, I'm just speaking out on what I know. I won't bite my tongue, I don't give a fuck if I happen to step on your toes. Because if you're doing something fucked up man, then don't cry about being exposed (x2). Maybe I'm the fucking asshole for believing in what I say, but I can't settle for turning my head and looking the other way. Why is everybody so afraid to stand up for something true (x2)? God damn it, maybe it's me, but am I so wrong for believing in WHAT I SAY? I guess what I'm trying to say... At times being honest means standing alone, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Have you ever really listened to WHAT I SAY? Do you really believe in WHAT I SAY? Have you ever even thought about WHAT I SAY? Why can't you fucking hear WHAT I SAY? Listen to what I fucking say.


You don't want the label anymore, so you do your best to try to prove us wrong. All you're doing is proving that we were right about you all along (x2). Your life is based on a lie! So you say your mind is free, but you're just avoiding reality. All you're doing is proving that we were right about you all along (x2). Your whole life is based on a fucking lie, man. YOUR WHOLE LIFE is just a fucking LIE. You lost everything you ever fucking had. You gave up on us so don't come running back. Fuck man, I was hoping I was wrong about you. But once again you proved me right. Don't come back!


I want no part of your politics and bullshit. It has no place! We just want to play and have some fun, but that's not good enough for you. You think you're so deserving, but you've never paid your dues. You want to push us around, but we'll just step aside AND LET YOU THROUGH. You took our trust and abused our friendship. That has no place. You just want to get ahead without a thought to who you hurt along the way. It has no place! We never turned our backs ON YOU but still you found a way to turn it all around and stab us in the back (x2). There's no place for that!

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