Septicflesh : A Fallen Temple

Death Gothique / Grèce
(1998 - Holy Records)
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When alliance has the value
Of a broken royal seal,
Heroic is the denial to bent
To a flamboyant mighty siege.

Falcons are their arrows
Like a forest seem their sheilds.
Catapults are spitting wrath
Causing a waterfall of collapsing
Castle walls.

In anvils was methodicaly forged
A diplomacy of the sword
A plot has provided the rope
To hang the bloody flag of war.

"Vow that no truce will stop the conflict"
Fierce if a purpose born from greed.
Brotherhood of the fallen knights
With the emblem of the morning star

Justified all actions must be
For honnor to rest untained.
Tomorrow has to car the lessons
That will nourish the naire.



In the mines of the darkest star.
The one no jewel can never shine.
A rode is left to point to Styx,
both its end can lead, both can deceive.

No traps can seize, The eldest cosmonaut
As time stands still,incapable to breathe.

Once in clay I allowed the decades
To become a stone wall around me
But at least I became the wall of decades.

Can you feel the wrinkles on my hand?
They are yours.They are lines I once
Drew upon the sand...

I habe a boat unseen a labyrinthine sphere
The gnosis of the eldest cosmonaut.
And maybe you will see
That I am what your mind can never... seal.

Travelling the luminiferous waters of space,
Through the Stellar Isthmus.
It can lead it can decieve.

No traps can seize me,No toombs can seal me.



Black leather gloves
On soft thin hands.
Red Celtic knives,
Sharp as your touch.

Hunting eagle proudly land
On this island that's my heart.

Twin Mirrors blue.
Cold lakes consealing Fire.
Red coral hair.
A dazzling ruby dome


Elegance combined with grace
Dressed your marble smiling face.


Tranquility...How necessary,how boring it can be.
The liquid void has no ears
To receive the consolation of the surface.

[An ignorant:]
"Maybe it's better that way.
What doesn't touch doesn't hurt."

The innocence of a swan
Gliding on a desolate lake
Can't be sensed
And therefore can't bring jealousy.

Entire worlds full of wonder are banished
To rest only in few visionary minds,
Haunting them with their glowing beauty.

Fortunately,there are always
Those with the forked tongue
To bring the borders closer.

But there are also tribes of inferior beings,
Beings so proudly inferior
Necessary to give worth to the higher.
But not without cost...

They liberate ordeals.
Their negative thought is the fungus,
The grim vestment of the relic.

[The leader:]
The eroding frankincence of marasmous
Can become untolerable.

Their region is warm like a blanket
But narrow as a coffin,
An underworld.

Fortunately there are always
Those with the forked tongue
That bring the borders closer...


Preserved from the ancient years
When Earth was just a newborn star
The proof of a distant truth
Arrogantly stands mocking the wind
Guarding mysteries that man has not unchained.

An emblem of power has remained , a fallen temple....

Faded pictures all over the walls
Projecting a horrid state of sanity.
Figures that don't belong to a human race
Symbols and maps.
Architectural miracles carrying the history of a race
That now seems lost.

Fears born from the Past
Temple of the lost race
Deep inside the heart of the pole
An old ruler of the stars

Buried in a chest from glass,
The answers about our path.
Eternal life can't rest asleep
It lurks beneath as force of will.
Ancient are the rules set on this world.

An emblem of power will remaine , a fallen temple....



In a dream i saw a man.
A face not strange to me.
He stared at me while i was asleep and wispered in my ear.
He led me through the corridors of my anscestral home.
He stoped one step before one wall, and then i fainted.

In the eldest wall of my home i found the entrance of a crypt.
The view i saw was so obscure,
Alien remnants, pentagrams and candless of the floor.

The crypt was made as a passage to the gates of reality.
And just when i realised the truth i was in a different shape.

I hear thousants of sounds
Like bestial laughs,deafening flutes and daemonic choirs.
Possibilities fall under control, unfolding new dimensions.


In a world of endless light, into the boundless space
Two suns the only gods, two burning holes in the sky.

Without a warning the two suns slowly faded
Abandoning their only children unprotected from the cold.

Down on their knees.They have total consience,
As Night drains their spirit,the inner light of logic
Leaving the bodies to walk this blind planet.
Stumbling to others that now are animals,crying light...

Setting of the two suns...

Then a light came from the horizon
Devouring the land.
It wasn't sun.!

It took a minute for a flame to become a fire.
The great cities will all become ashes,
Drifting with the wind.


Waiting the drawing of the underworld
None to share your fears.
The shadow of CHARON falls
Upon the stone of hopes.
The body is paralizing.
The air is too thick to enter.
A cataclysm is spawend into the regions of the soul.
The cry of the first time
When you were free from the womb,
Is the same but now you are entering the night.

Most try to understand why they are born if they must die.
Life seems pointless with an end.

They wonder if existence remains after death
Or Erebus is the final state.

"You knew from the begging
That the end will come in time.
Yet, so many things you left undone
So many more unknown
In a life that is but a dream
Into a gods dream."



"Existence is a choice that remains after death
Erebus is my mental state."


Our patience has been dried away
Since a long time...
And the thirst,the need to unfold desire,
Transforming it into a touchable object.

How bitter was the taste of emptyness
In our illformed mouths
But it was natural as our ideas
Was based on wishes younger,
Weed as fruits at first.

[A scholar:]
"Your fathers knew
These worlds by heart
Even those that never ever crossed
The eerie side."

We came to see the upper world.
Where colours dance and the air moves bright
We came to see...

As a cat with her claws extended
Orchestrates a merciless grasp,
Weapons move damn swiftly
In an attacking stance,
Ready to cut through
And open doors grimson.

[A scholar:]
"Your fathers knew
These worlds by heart
Even those that never ever crossed
The eerie side."

[Divine mother:]
"Let me heal your wounds with mine
Now that you have deceived the night."

[The leader:]
"Rest assured that none of us
Will ever lose the way to you.
These stains are also traces
And they clean conscience
As it is their duty to do so.
The order was strict,
Conquer or be conquered."

Our patience has been dried away
Since a long time...
And the thirst,the need to unfold desire,
Transforming it into a touchable object.

[The leader:]
Hold no more your horses
Let them run like lava
Melting stone and granite
In hollow caves.

Raging Victory acts as shepherd
Leading the way.

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