Savage Grace (USA-2) : The Dominatress

Speed Metal / USA
(1983 - Metal Blade Records)
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Run like the wind as you feel me close in
Hear my laughter as I grow near
You'll pay the price of your crimes with your life
As I unleash my vengeance on you

For I am the slayer of every betrayer
Whose victims beg for my lance
And you'll beg and plead as I just let you bleed
Ask no mercy for I've none to spare

Bow as I pass or be felled by my lance
If my shadow falls upon you
Feel my caress of metal through your breast
I'll be damned if I fall on to you
Fight For Your Life, Fight For Your Life

Who has the right to defeat royal might
I've no fear I'll slay them all
Bring on the hordes of wicked warlords
Send their souls screaming to hell
Become an ally in my war to defy
Draw your sword, join the fight
Now is your chance to destroy their advance
To live free or die like a man
Fight For Your Life, Fight For Your Life


Killer on the run hunted by lawman's gun
Fugitive from man's reform, curse the day that he Was born
Hiding in another land made so many selfish plans
Being free from the law's long reach,
Was what he thought would bring relief
But too many lives claimed his life,
Was never ending pain
Too many murders in his memory,
His conscience made him go insane

Feel the spirits right beside you
Feel the air cold as ice
Your soul so lonely starved of life
Ghosts your victims haunt your flight

No escape from himself,
Too late to cry for help
A victim of his victims' cries,
No earthly reason why
The forces of the night,
Have their way of righting right
For one so bold to dare,
I warn you all beware


In the cell below I wait knowing that my painful fate is near
Her silhouette appears, her beauty so disarming, I've no fear
I cry with delight as she unleashes all her fury upon me
Her touch does excite, my body bleeds, but I just beg for more

I know the pain of all who've come before me
I feel the power in her whip as she strikes me
I see the blood in her eyes as she makes me scream
The Dominatress

My body chained and shackled I beg for mercy as she laughs
The sweet torture takes its toll how I pray to God to let me go
The devil's daughter she may be a sinful sinner's sin for me
Blinded by desire for more blood her caress of leather burns my love


The fear of darkness fills your eyes
You have no disguise to deceive this new danger
Your heart pounds as it beats
But you cannot defeat the intents of this stranger
Your cold sweat rolls off in streams
You are getting weak, his demands ever greater

Lo, the kiss of death awaits those that have no faith
In the powers that redeem us
Those that ignore the call, they are damned to fall
And they will Live To Burn

The powers of earth that be
Cannot turn the key to unlock all the answers
The secrets of the night will be
The ones that let you see your way into the future


The wind in my face drives me back as I'm nearing The edge
A vision of my life's corruption runs through my Head
So many souls have I broken to get where I am
A lonely place in the sun where I can pretend

Too many temptations have lured me
So many illusions betrayed me
And a road of despair lies before me
But I'm too young to die
Too Young To Die

I've made mistakes in my life that I can't defend
I've run out of excuses, I'm nearing my end
Looking down from the top, it's easy to fall

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