Ritual Steel : Blood on Satan's Claw - Death in Spring

Heavy Metal / Germany
(2003 - Metal Coven Records)
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Let's go!

Sleeping in the caress of England's soil
Waiting to be set free
An ancient fiend from the days of darkness
Ready to have its killing spree

Your fair bride was raped by this beast
Under the spell she's lost her mind
Poisoned by the seeds of witchcraft
And the plague of the Devil's skin

The claw of Satan is taking over
The weak minds of the youth
They have detached themselves from Christendom
What has been a lie now stands for the truth

Behemoth taught them the new games,
Games of darkness and decay
In the woods they have their covens
Practicing the Satan痴 way

There's blood on the claw of Satan!!!

The leader of the pack was Angel
A girl with mesmerizing eyes
Dominating all with her beauty
Her psychic strength and dirty lies

That kind of girl I'd like to have here
By my side on this filthy sheet
Watching TV and drinking beer
Touched by the claw of the Devil's breed

There's blood on the claw of Satan!!!
Blood on Satan's claw!
Blood on Satan's claw!
Blood on Satan's claw!
Blood on Satan's claw!


The sun stands higher
You hear the first birds sing
And you wallow in the mire
Not knowing what tomorrow brings

The enemy comes closer
From the east and from the west
And you've now chance to retreat
The final loss of your eternal quest

Your position forlorn
But you don't raise your hands
You still have a vision
That is worth to defend
Inside your hearts are burning
There's fire in your eyes
The yard it flows so gently
While you all stand to die...

White stars cause fury
Green ducks cause fear
Teenage knights of the double runes
See the final victory disappear

But still the strong believe
It sets your souls ablaze
Legends last longer then a young hero's lives
But your future's yet untold,
even on the edge of the knife

Your position forlorn...

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