Plexus : Departure

Heavy Metal / Brazil
(2001 - Self-Released)
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Listen to the tale of this young mate
Let flow the magic when he says
"Can you imagine what you see?"
"This is a miracle to me"

"I told you it's not even fair"
"Nothing in this world compares"
"Can you imagine what you see?"
"Because it came to set you free"

Wings of fire
Beauty and power
Just let them pray

Wings of fire
Take me higher
Clouds are turning gray

As you see the wounds are gone
All those sorrow days in pain
Vanished by the light of Jesus

There's no sorrow or regret
You should say, my eyes will bet
They will not believe this tale

Now I see my life is for
I'll start changing today
Let us all follow wings of fire
The world could be a much better place


The scenes of reality are terrifying my eyes
The rule of humanity will be breaking tonight
A voice from inside is calling you to fight
Oh, if you stay there they keep on stealing your life

No one knows
That they raped your minds
I don't know
If I'll survive
Just a shout
To show us the way
Time has come
To be free

This fucking rulers are completely insane
But we have here the cure for their pain
Oh, I'm very tired to still believe in this game
Here it's our chance to make some noise again

My life must go on
Your life must go on
It's time for resistance

This night is surrounded by the screams of the death
I hope that your soul rest in peace at the end
Oh, people will be proud to turn on the lights of resistance
The city is burning to show us the power of negligence


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Wake! I'm here beside your last
No one can make me rest
Will I make it all alone?

Oh, see me coming?
Did you see my lines?
It's time to you make you sure

´Cause I'm the last in line
To hear what's up in pride
Come seek me on my way

Time to go
Where I belong
No one can take this feeling away

Walking by
I close my eyes
To forget words of wisdom denied

Time to go
I can't come home
I'll set light as path to my life

Walking by
I close my eyes
Never let them up rise

Here I am my friend, back in town
Could you forgive my fate? Follow me down!
As I see you it's better to believe that
I'm the chosen one, who makes your way

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