Northwail : Conversations About the Kingdom of Fire

Black Metal / Poland
(2009 - Self-Released)
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Blind naked and defenseless
I was delivered into this fate
Soil of primal steppe
Stuffed my eyes with dirt.

Yet my world sprouted
Like a desert flower
The day I saw your silhouette
In a morning mist over the lake
Beautiful and perfect alas not ultimate
Secret one I treasure Thee
Nonexistent, yet potent
Solace be thy name as it reverbs in my heart.

Phallus erected
As a stone idol
I feel your presence
Legs widespread on pentagram arms
Aching for penetration
I spread thick, hot liquid
Over her nyloned feet
Her lips celebrate the name satan!
Last candle burns
But her eyes crave for more
Embrace my cock !

I have placed my faith in sex and death and in you precious One
But somehow I always knew you would reject me
I took so much from you, but I know I have endeavored a Journey of solitude
And so this lonely evening I sit by the window
And as I watch the nightsky I'm searching for your face
In the dark patches between the stars.

And through the night I stagger looking for you master
Craving for your voice, your touch
Darkest One


In the corner of sanity, amongst the shadows cast by Moonlight
I saw him again lying like on that nocturnal day of winter
Without tears in his eyes, without beating heart he cried
A lonely soul stained with cold shadow of God's hand.

Destroyed inside, lost in void, chained to endless damnation
Once with faith in this world, in ultimate word of God
Creation falls, wintered heart
You've stared into the abyss to see things that were Forbidden.

All he ever believed breaks like glass (now he comprehends)
He sees what he meant to be
Willingless puppet in malicious hands of the Creator
With all his grief, torn of what he was bound to
He lifts his eyes up to the heaven and screams I hate you God!

And there's no thunder, no cruel voice
Just an empty gaze of Christ watching you from the cross

In valley of death, where shadows crawl
Forsaken by stars above
He makes his way to eternal darkness
With no other place to go.

Longing in everlasting grimness
Dried tree in the midst of nowhere
Broken stick
Dark and cold wasteland
This place is dead
Emotions reduced to gray dust
Just the crimson eye of hatred
Burns lonely beneath the scorched sky.

He's a being from nowhere, trapped in pain
Hell like torment and far beyond
A grim demon, a spirit of exile
Flying slowly over sinister land.


Gray portrait of winter, storms lurking beyond
Everdying sun paints the twilight in red
Empty pages of bible scattered by the wind
Shivering, frozen hand reaches for the knife afraid
And only a deep silence carries cries through the night so Dark.

Thunders cross above, clouds reach out their claws
No tear left for you nor for your suffering
Dead or awaken? you've always been forsaken
Now your eyes are open, unable to find those of god as if They were ever before.

Where's the way now?
Viciously hidden behind the veil of death?
Eerie storm brought the rain of nails
Feathers from angel wings cut your flesh to blood
Reach out your hands to Christ
And see smile on his face as he hands his crown to you
With hands cut by thorns you crawl in dust and blood
Betrayed and confused you don't stop asking why?

Life itself is only a vision
A dream
Nothing exists in an empty space
And you are but a thought.


Lost in a shadow
The planet rolls like a ball
Darkness will follow
And soon the whole thing will fall
Coz now I'm able
To see the little light
Coz now I'm able
To know what's in the sky
Ground is shaking
And it's still far away
Sure it's coming
The drama is on its way
Coz this is much faster
Than a runaway star
Too brilliant
To watch it with my eyes
Radical abortion
Impulsive conclusion
All things good
Get their end
Even vast, no man's land
Too many reasons
Too much oppression
My mind's mutation
With my psychic power
Imploring the quasar
There is no freedom
No satisfaction
I want some action
With my psychic power
Everything is over
That's why I do that
That's why it's a fact
Why do I regret
Nothing better yet
Sky is red and nature
Falls in disgrace
Space is dread
There's no place to be safe
The quasar is coming
Ordered by my mind
Spreading X-rays
Making the system blind
Astral rotation
Turning the wrong way
Solar collision
Causing the end of this age
Comets flying
Emanating a gas
Intoxicating every form of life
For a lost dimension
Have a wise solution
Better now than never
Don't need more, you neither.

The final process
Hard and so complex
Reverse the motion
Adding some tension
Setting the machine
Awaiting to leave
My bones and my soul
On my way back home
Have a look behind
Nothing more to find.

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