Northern Oak : Tales from Rivelin

Folk Pagan / Royaume-Uni
(2008 - Auto-Production)
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Madness of the Feral Moon

Forest soaked in a ghostly glow,
In the village a monstrous woe,
The lupine call of the silver moon,
Beckoning! Summoning!

Howling changeling of lunar birth,
Altered shape stalking the earth,
A savage night spent under the curse,
Skulking! Hunting!

Down there in the heedless town,
The seething hex at its gory crown,
Bloodlust and rage amongst the gloom,
The madness of the feral moon!

Night of the wolf a fatal time,
Desert the camps, flee the mine,
Hide away from the wolfen fiend,
Harking! Tracing!

The final scream of helpless prey,
Shredded and torn in a frenzied way,
Human meat a vicious feast,

Solo Section


Blood has fallen, silence resounds!
Broken by the screaming hounds!
Run back to your earthen tomb!
Suffer the madness of the feral moon!


‘neath the twilight sun
A young maiden stood,
At her conjugal altar,
Ardently awaiting her swain.

Through labyrinths of hedges, she at last him did spy.
In all his gleaming armour, how long she had yearned for this day.


Him she did follow,
Away from the altar,
And through worlds of mist so thick,
Whence the helpless sun does shudder and flee.

Alas his tracks soon were lost,
As ghostly snow descended,
She wept amongst the banshees,
In the cold forsaken woodland.

But there remained a glimmer of hope,
As torchlight she did spy,
And this
She followed…

Her tracks grew weak though,
And ghostly clouds concealed her,
As she lay paralysed,
By Morpheus' kiss.

Then from her slumber,
A cold embrace did awake her,
Such glee reborn as her eyes met her knight's,
Forever safe in his arms.


But such merry fate would not meet her face,
For behind a countess lay,
Who with passion did taste,
Her knight's betraying lips.

Closer they drew to the girl,
With a smile that made her lips tremble,
‘til her bridal veil swiftly turned,
To shrouded attire.


How she cried
As twin daggers bled from their mouths
And gnawed
Into her virgin flesh.

But her helpless cries
Were but a siren's song
To the ears of the knight
And Countess (Countess!).

“Hush, sleep deep Endymion… and taste sweet immortality.
As I pour my potion into your cauldron
Behold this beauty… that only death could inspire!”

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