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Band's list Death Metal Noisemaster The Return
Album, Released date : 2008 - Self-Released
Style: Death Metal

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1. The Great Massacre Of Noar'Tok
2. Thunderbolt
3. Fog And Mud
4. Flames Of Love
5. Feasting Time
6. Bloodsuckers
7. Soporific Soliloquy
8. Filth Hero
9. Moar'an
10. The Fourth Successor
11. Ringnj`saa/Uning`saa
12. The Return Of Noisemaker
13. Werewolves And Berserkers

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Feasting time

The ripping blade in your hand
Does it work
To carve the flesh of stupid vegan elfs
Lets get start the chase for this very tasty race
Rip the delicious bacon rind
Feasting time

Feasting time
Feasting time
Flesh is mine
The meat is mine

We have promised a fine meal
For tonight
By the fire in our swords and the chaos
At our side
From dark caves we come and we want to see the light
Saddle the hungry wolves
It's feasting time

Feasting time
Feasting time
Flesh is mine
The meat is mine

Dear my darling
Dear my love
I'm Kush ur Gogh
King of orcs
A vegan-maiden
In the best of health
The knife I killed with
Between her teeth

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