Morpheus (GRC) : Promo 2006

Black Death Mélodique / Grèce
(2006 - Auto-Production)
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In the “wisdom” of planet's creation there's a dark side
A primitive attraction of night
The dark element of life
Our liberator and our guide
United under morphine skies
United we scream
For the rise of chaos.
And the skies ai'm unprotected flesh under its influence
The source of my existing power is my love
For silent and inward predestinations
I'm embodiment of the free worship of midnight's light
Lots of hearts around feel pleasure
In every evidence of hidden forces
No one can deny the enchantment of the dark elementre bleeding

Into the trap of artificial prosperity
Forget our desires
Unstable souls are cured with the thoughts of pitch dark and frozen earth
The war was conqueror, defeated are ourselves
Personal tragedies, back to reality
Everyone who doesn't accept the dark element of his existence
Is free to fly away with his waxen wings…

Walking through a forgotten pathway
I meditate on everything that compelled me to cry
I remember everyone that mocked me and my
Efforts to ignore them
I endured the trial, i didn't die
I secrete the help of something strange
Dark way of living calms my rage
I was delighted at looking at everything
Unknown and impenetratable
I was interested in everything forbidden and inexplicable


Inside the favorite world of shadows
I can see unholy smiles and hopeless faces
Silence controls mouths and thoughts
Travel from the north to the south
Black melodies resound in ears
Like the rainfall down in land tears

Exiled from earth and space
Revelation of real face
Disinherited from universe
Banished from heaven and hell

Create our own graveyard every time
We search through our consciences
Deceive ourselves every time we act
In obedience to religious orders

Narrow-minded and guarded mass
Divine comedy, tragical wrath

Human creedy doll
Repent before you fall
Degraded wretched doll
Supplicate for help, before you fall

Sacred conflicts, bigoted devotions
And martyrs in the name of fake prophets
Hey rabid religious
I am your destiny
The voice of your burning skies
A shadow you can't realize
The past, the future, you‘re the lie
Look at the parody of life
Fire is growing threatening

Everything unknown terrorize us
Everything we can't dominate, we admire
Feelings of awe till we start to dispute
Necessary adoration before abomination

The uncertaint principle of the
Empire of hate is death.


Infinite pleasure of pain
Being loved by night is no shame
Melancholic nostalgia in black color
Don't afraid to get accustomed to horror

In catacombs of vast mourning
Condemned by my destiny
Dirge of disappointed souls
Resounds like mortuary march

Feel the cry of moon in october's night
Remorse after death, you can fight
Dominate the pain in your heart
Direct it, do it not haphazardly

It comes like invisible shadow
A blacksad delight
The lost existence of our life
Our total prosperity

Pain is the cold reality
An unknown hope in eternity
When the sun gets drowned in blood
Drunk with misery of a septic world

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