Midnight Scream : Midnightscream

Heavy Death / Slovakia
(2000 - Self-Released)
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This blood
Which flowing on neck
Is it real you feel it´s taste
You perceive her heat
So give way it´s delightful passion

You´ll howl witch wolves forever
In old chapel at hundred candles
So consider and run
You hear midnight scream a far

Mark your victims
You don´t survire without them it´s life

Heart rests cold stone
So scream to emptyness and forever
Midnight scream forever


Just now is coming call of land of the shadows
Distant earth, earth of missing souls
Hand of time, destroy our world on dust
Pagan gods disclose today
Be greeted princess of darkness
Give delight to freedom
Be damned day of your fall
Touch of her lips takes your life

You´re alone in cold earth and iced earth
You feel her kiss, so cold touch
And suddenly you´re distant
Next to the sun and moonlight

Now I hear call of land of the shadows
Unbroken passion of earthly delight
Human sins and disgraceful acts
In real world changed on the empty earth


What do you want face in the mirror
Face of the murder look of the madman
Bloody eyes without regret
Cruelty in my mind, fighting conscience

Broken dikes - hate

Melt in the delusion
Blood on edge of knife
I am murder of something worse and baser
This creature in blood
I´m murder that´s not me it isn´t true

Devil in my soul
It himself perform
My hands tool of evil
It still isn´t true
Why just me

I´m devil, murder with knife
I kill , I destroy I can backward it


You dont´t judge me when I live
I have own inner world
You take your bloody sword
Kill me and I´ll be alive
Give me your hand
Fell you what Am I Cold?
Snow, light and my blood
It´s my dying earth

Kill me and I´ll be alive
You don´t grieve don´t you fear
Kill me and I´ll be alive
Only soul and silent stream

Last look, last cigarette
Six feet of life
Six feet under earth
Last smile and my last breath
I stand up and my eyes
Eyes are blood as sky
My friend touch me and kill me
Kill me and I´ll be alive


The deal was rigged
There's darkness in my soul
I want to die again

An empty soul shrouded in darkness
Alone and confused what am I?
Images flash memories jaded
He took my life God damn his lies

Fight spawn of the damned, bring down the heavens
Smash in the gates, burn down
You must accept the fate that you've chosen
You will obey your destiny

I cheated myself for love
Love unconditional
Now just to see her face
I've lost it all

I know there's goodness in me
Though I'm not the same
I will defy the master
I will refuse to be his slave

No, I was betrayed I can't accept this
My future's unclear, it's a lie
I'll follow my heart stand and be counted
The curse will lift I will survive

I cheated myself for love
Love unconditional
Now just to see her face
I've lost it all

I cheated myself for love
Love unconditional
Now just to see her face
I've lost it all


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