Mgla : Presence

Black Metal / Poland
(2006 - Northern Heritage Records)
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Worms, hungering for all the dimensions
Eat through my heart and form within my dreams
Spawn of Leviathan flows through my veins
To gracefully poison thoughts of men.

Blessed by ultimate corruption
Soulswallowed by Leviathan
Ridden with divine infection
Scalded by the Satan's sun.

Cut by broken mirrors, razor keys
Opening the chains of self-control
Ultimate desolation triumphant
Inner peace achieved through will perished.

Eradication of all what was taught and perceived
And eradication of will as a whole
Blazes of consciousness frozen
With subzero waves of energy annihilation


Corridors of pain and hallways of glory
Covered by the mist of artificial reason
Tread lightly upon the lines of own mind
For through untold worlds
A new revelation shall come

Through my wounds, through my scars!
Razors be paths within the maze
With each cut deeper, onwards to Kether
To crown the atrocity

Of second word coming unto flesh
Revelation! Salvation! Born of light, abide in man!
A maze with countless entrances, yet no ways out.
A divine challenge! Consiousness at stake.


A will so strong, cracking knees like twigs
Resistance is futile, but how delightning
Misguiding fear of truth, so humane, so restricting
Willingly struggling/strangling own humanity

Far beyond the safe borders of madness
A new sight through undead eyes
Perception distorted so sharply
So the true light shines through all of the known


Follow the wounds,
Enter the self-inflicted gateway
Let the Devil come through

There is a purpose in self-destruction
There is a pattern in razorblade chaos
Golden spirals, flesh tear opened
Bleeding, fracturing, burning, healing

For men shall sin, and not repent!
Betraying the call of continued creation.

A thousand pages written with blood
Words and images of uttermost horror
And the visions, shaped for millennia,
Of holy negativity approaching.

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