Kremate : Eternal War

Thrash Metal / Brazil
(2000 - Self-Released)
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Assassins were called heroes
Killing humans as if they were animals
Bodies left in piles
Medal of honour to ignorance
Now i see the same things
A lot of people dying
But they die one by one
Living an eternal war

Who will die ? Who will cry ?
This war seems to be without end
Who will kill ? Who will feel?
Today is like 1940

Under a red sky
The years passed away
The conflicts and murders
Almost nothing has changed
The silence still speaks for itself
And violence is everywhere
Hate, aggression, destruction
Inside the mankind's mind

Assassins are called heroes
Uniformed and with pocketful
Close their eyes, money speaks louder
Murders escape from the jail
Under a red sky
I see violence everywhere
And all you can do is to hope
You don't be the next
Living an eternal war


This morning i woke up
And i felt something strange
I looked at the mirror
And i saw my death

I'm waiting for
Waiting for the death

Now i can feel
The smell of the flowers
That will cover my body
Into my coffin

I can't sleep or tomorrow i'll be dead
I cannot walk or i'll die fast
I need their help but i don't want to
Against my disease there's nothing you can do
I'm trying to pretend but everyone knows
I am just waiting... Waiting for the death

Blood... Blood in my eyes
Now the only thing i see is the death
Screams... Screams of pain
Unbearable pain that's smashing my brain
Called... Called from my grave
Now everyone knows i don't have any chance
I'm waiting for... Waiting for the death


The fire inside my body
Has gone out
Look to me one more time
Until you see
I know you're feeling my pain
For i always hear you crying
But now you cannot quench your thirst
Cause your lake's already dried

If you want to live of lies
Live through my eyes
If you want to live of misery
Listen to my silence
... Living through my eyes

The one that passed away
Will never open the eyes
You can hollow out my body
But you won't find my forgiveness
A soul that implore for salvation
And pray to the devil
A devil that brought you sadness
But you've given him your heart


Sincerity is what you preach
So tell me what i see
Falsity patterned on your face
Should it be this way ?

Sink in your breast like a dagger
Drain while you cry
Feel the fatal pain pulling off your soul
There's no escape you will die

Face your problems without prejudicing others
I think you know what i mean
You stabbed who helped you in the back
What did you get with this shit ?

Never sleep, never close your eyes
I will pay you back
Never forget the damage you caused
Or do you think i'll forget my revenge ?

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