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Band's list Industrial Metal Kill 2 This Trinity
Album, data de aparición : 2000 - SPV / Visible Noise Records
Produced by : Sneap Andy, Recorded at : DEP International Studios
Style: Industrial Metal

NOTA : 15/20
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1. Art, Emotion, Religion
2. Figure of 8ight
3. G.od o.n d.Rugs
4. This Is the N.E.W.S.
5. 2 Tribes (Pet Shop Boys Cover)
6. Spiritual Darkness
7. The Way of All Flesh
8. Trinity
9. Heal the Seperation
10. Guided by Voices

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Las palabras



Scourge of lies that jealousy breeds
a plague-like human virus you're a breathing disease
Rape or sow - harvest your hate - life is like a figure of eight

You cast first stone as your glass house grows,
vicious circles in your vast deep below
Poisoned tongue - retaliate - life is like a figure of eight

Divide, control, conquered domain
The bitch that bred this monster must be on heat again
Broken glass reflections true
pearls turn to rust - diamonds to dust

As black as coal, It's your silicon soul
plastic people should not play with fire
Karma kills - traitors and fakes - life is like figure of eight

A small world, Reap as you sow
Harvest your hate, Like a figure of eight

Scourge, a disease, jealousy the plague it breeds
Eyes, insecure blind, vicious circle of lies


flowing through, the veins of our heavenly God
It deadens the pain of his fallen creation, narcotic oblivion

Anaesthetised and tranquilised -
Deny the sight of mankind's planet paralysed
A human race with purest hate as their faith -
A world that went terribly wrong

Ignorance is bliss now that he is sedated
No longer weeping for the world he created

God's new creed, He no longer cares,
He doesn't need - Swirling disease called humanity
Infected Heaven and the whole house of God -
Inject, Reject reality

Intravenous high, Suicidal alibi
What if God overdoses and dies?
What if God overdoses and dies?
What if God dies?

God on drugs - No longer weeping for the world he created
God on drugs - The unbelievable truth


If you could harness my hatred - Of this fucked up vile world
You could power the whole planet - Then hopefully it might burn

The truth sometimes hurts - So let me tell you some lies
Everything's gonna be alright - Ha! Ha! Ha! Yeah, fuckin' right

This is the News - This is your future
This is the News - You have no future
You have no future - You have no future

I'm seeing all the lies of our leaders - Every war that they feed us
A flat square-eyed horizon
For T.V. survival, be dead on arrival
The scenes of mass bigotry - Mixed up with insanity

Force fed - your future through cable
Brain dead - the pictures unstable
Sedated - CNN creative
The tumour grows - On the worldwide cancer show

This is the NEWS - This is your future
This is the NEWS - This is the future

A sick pay per view execution - Of divine retribution
Social evolution
The crumbling foundations - Hypocrisy nation
Gallows conspiracy - This is our democracy

Beirut - or Beverly Hills
Dispute - so another man kills
See violent moodswings stir - Yet another schoolground massacre


When two tribes go to war
A point is all you can score
When two tribes go to war
A point is all you can score

Cowboy No. 1
A born-again poor man's son
On the air America
I modelled shirts by Van Heusen-yeah

You know

Working on the black gas

Switch off your shield
Switch off and feel
I'm working on loving-yeah
Giving you back the good times
Ship it out-out
I'm working for the black gas

We got two tribes
We got the bomb
We got the bomb-yeah
Sock it to me biscuits-now

Are we living in a land
Where sex and horror are the new Gods?

When two tribes go to war
A point is all you can score


A sad farewell - rejections sting - empty prayers,
Hopeless souls - hateful world - killed his faith
Through each age - apathy - breeds like a plague
Defective race - a love misplaced - He realised
There is no life, no life that does not die
The light can't shine - the world went black

The day God turned his back
Washed his hands of the human bloodstain
Church of man prayed to every God that's fake

The weight of greed crushes all in its sight
Vermin blind, left behind, shedding skin
A flood's first tear, the world has wept for years
We're on thin ice, the dam has cracked


Stop asking questions - this is all you need to learn
Just read these words - just read these words

Why plan for the future? Why dwell on the past?
Why dance to the music? Why sing this song?
Why do anything? Why do anything?

We struggle in vain - through varying shades of pain
The truth will hurt - the truth will hurt

Why are you all crying? What will your tears achieve?
And the sorrow, scars and hurt, and the trouble, strife and woe

All these things will come to pass
The way of all flesh it cannot last
The way of all flesh - the way of all flesh

Each and all will see - everything is temporary
The cruel facts of life - the facts of life

Lifelong swandive till we're all paralysed
Worn down, worn out - till the pressure shuts our eyes

Why plan for the future? Why dwell on the past?
Why dance to the music? Why sing this song?
Why do anything? Why do anything?

The same senseless conclusion
The same inevitable senseless conclusion


In plain sight for all to see -
the whole wide world except for me
In my veins and in my blood -
the truth I see is clear as mud

I am infected, I am the host -
Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Thou shalt not covet, Thou shalt not kill -
Green with envy, Homicidal thrills

Trinity, Believe in me
Trinity, Believe in me
Trinity, Believe in me
Trinity, The path of truth and of light

Right before my eyes, the sun so Bright -
And yet I cannot see the light
Oh my God, where do I begin -
twisted with guilt, ingrained to sin

What of forgiveness and what about love
Father, why Hell when I'm your own flesh and blood
Why punish me for choices made
While rapists and murderers are saved


My life regressed, childhood's caress
Childhood, like the waiting room of the world
Unaware of the pain that lies beyond
Unaware of the life of pain that lies beyond

Childhood like the waiting room of the world
Shooting stars so quickly fade away

Stop the flow, turn around the tide
My childhood shines beneath my strange disguise

Regress, retreat, back into myself
The only way to be noticed is to hide


Circus never ending - laughing clown in the lion's den
My fatally wounded production line in my human mind

The stranglehold behind my grin,
A schizophrenic Siamese twin
Destroying me so silently,
Guiding voice sat behind my wheel

The voices in my head
Speak and I will follow, come what may
The voices inside of me
Cannot control what I can't see
Cannot control, the voices guiding me

Voices self inflicting - flooded mind my confusion reigns
Threefold my infection - cathedral drowns echoes pull me down

Persecuted, on me they prey - like vultures round an R.T.A.
Behind my mask, hidden lives - all the violent voices I despise

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