Judges : Sleepless

Post Hardcore / USA
(2010 - Self-Released)
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In my hometown of Bethany,
I drew a lot of conclusions from
A very good friend of mine,
Who went through just one hell of a time.
It opened my eyes and ears to hear and see things that
I did not want to, and as I reminisce,
I will tell you exactly what happened.

What now shall I do?
I put my trust in a man who says everything will be fine,
While in his own words claims his body,
His bread and his wine, my brother is now sick and dying,
The air snatched straight from his lungs
The air snatched straight from him,
I say even if my faith be erased I will lie awake and cry,
With all that's left in me ill beat my chest in hopes
That I would die. If God wanted my brother dead,
He should have thrown him from a balcony,
Broke his neck, sparing him the pain and suffering.
So “gracious one take this cup from him.”

Now Mary,
Who was very unsure of this homeless man of Bethany
Thought it wise to consult the doctor of the town.

Your brother,
I’m afraid he's sick, your brother, he may die, he may die
Without me I'm afraid that he will die within the week.

Oh Sir, please help him, for he is dear to my nature, I
f he die’s I will be weary, if he dies, then
I will be disheartened…


This is where we meet,
This poor and homeless seemingly destitute man of the road,
He who claimed to be more knowledged than your average
Religious priest, this man he traveled often saying
That he had nowhere to rest his head,
It was on one of these occasions that
He found himself in Bethany, cold, hungry,
Tired and in need of a place to stay.
Thank god for that man who is now closer
To death with every passing day.

Teacher, you have to come as quick as you can,
There is a man who is in need of your hand,
He is the one who gave you a place to stay
When you were in that town of Bethany.

I am afraid to tell you that he did not leave
As soon as he heard that terrible news,
Instead he stayed where he was for a few days,
His friends urged him to go,
They begged and they pleaded, but he refused.

Don't you fear my friends, for this will be as,
Though the sun has set, only sleeping,
Waiting for dawn to come to you,
I will leave here when the time is right, but for now
I will stay awhile.

Teacher bring your healing hand.


When we last left him he was laying in bed
Fearing death and fearing whats to come next,
Left alone to look back upon his life,
He wondered if anything was worth it.
All the pain, all the fear, all the hurt of flesh
And everything that's in between infancy and death,
He is so afraid, he is so afraid,
Oh God he is so afraid.

Son are you okay?
I know you must be scared,
With all this talk of you possibly passing away.
It's alright my boy, fear is a natural thing,
As we all adequately question "the great unknown",
But while were anticipating death,
There are others who are dying from things
That are less severe than our own,
But who's to care about them?

Father, I feel the light fading from my eyes, and
I feel the air receding from my lungs.
Please father, do something, do something!

He is here! He has arrived!

With my one last breathe I say to you,
You are nothing to me, no "Great Man" in my eyes.

My brother is dead and your the one I blame,
You could have saved him from everything.
You mean nothing to him, and you mean nothing to me.
Now turn your back as you have done so well before,
And get your face from my sight, just get out of my life


You could have been here,
You could have saved him, but you were off in another
Foreign land, what were you thinking? You selfish bastard,
Forget that my brother ever invited you into our home.

Bite your tongue.
I will not be mocked like this.
You have no cause for hate towards me, in time
I will explain why I was late,
But for now i will keep you in the shadows.
In the dark where faith is your only comfort.
I've lived my whole life in the dark...


The dark is a place where only faith will keep you safe
Where evil lurks like a killer waiting in the shadows,
With a knife in his hand, ready to tear you limb from limb
I have stayed from your home so I could show
Your my true colors, show you who I really am.

No one understood what he was saying,
He was only spewing words.

They heard him mumbling and they heard him crying.
They heard him praying and pacing,
They heard one set of footsteps suddenly become two,
They heard them coming down those stairs.

Sister, it is true, for it is I,
Who is standing in front of you.
You must believe, you must believe!
For it is me, yes this is me!

My brother! But how? For you were dead just moments ago
What is it like, the great unknown,
Was it bliss or were you scared alone?

Sister I will tell you all,
But in the quiet where no one will hear.
They walked away as others rejoiced,
A look of worry upon his face.

It's all a lie!
That man must be a fake, for that place his so called hell,
It is a place for all kings alike,
It is a place of my own great wealth.
I would not plan on sticking around,
So grab your chair, and grab your rope,
Give up your dreams and give up your hope,
And join me in my outcast home.


Than Interrupted by a sound, the boy's redeemer came
In with a whisper saying, "follow me child for I,
I must be leaving soon."
As he did the boy felt his shoulders raise,
And raised his chin a little higher,
Knowing this world was his.
Death had lost its sting.
They went on their way a mile or two,
To an abandoned house held together by nothing more
Than the tree it leaned against.
Then the man said,
"Can't you see what this house has seen?
All of the years it has swallowed.
Can't you see that your worth much more to me?
I will take care of you,
But first you must accept that you are nothing.
Why do you think you'll be given a crown for this?
Whose throne must you steal?
No man can serve two masters, no kingdom with two kings."

Boldness now, hold steady as your sins repay themselves
Though I've never wished this upon you,
You have brought it upon yourself.

The boy ran quickly home in a panic.
For what does it take to outrun death.

She held her breath before she kicked the chair out,
And prayed as the cord hugged her neck.
The air was nearly gone.
Prayer after prayer she made to a
God who put his trust in a boy,
Exhausted and limping home, strangled by his own mistakes.

Across the street, I watched,
As the boy would run, fall and struggle for
A step closer and closer to where his sister hung for him
She hung for him.

Boldness now, hold steady as your sins repay themselves.

He held her closely now,
Lifting her high to release her neck from the noose.
Then laying her down beside him,
He cried and buried his head into her stomach.
Listening for a breath or a heartbeat,
He said "I was so sure about this, but now I see,
How foolish we were, how foolish we are."

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