Ghoultown : Boots of Hell

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The snap of necks after nightfall
Ropes are taut, the jury's hung
‘forgotten' is carved on their tombstones
There's a new breed of outlaw in town

On four legs of fury we ride
Our brand 666
In a flame of crimson glory
We have come

It's a game of cancellation
Gun down whatever's in our way
Our eyes are silver with bloodlust
Our souls are dry like the dust

We are the nameless and thirsty
Shameless, damned and corrupt
Draw the blood from your daughters
Drink til we are drunk

Fire (burnin)
Blazin (hell yeah)
The eyes of evil are upon you
Fire (burnin)
Blazin (hell yeah)
It's time to lick the boots of hell

Darkness follows behind us
Cold as ice to the bone
This cowboy dressed in black leather
Is drillin for new texas gold

Our blood is poison tequila
Meet the worm from hell
Come inside this wicked circus
One more notch on my belt

Fire (burnin)
Blazin (hell yeah)
The eyes of evil are upon you

Fire (blood red)
Blazin (til the end)
The eyes of evil are upon you

Fire (burnin)
Faster (ya!)
The eyes of evil are upon you

Fire (hellbent)
Blazin (til the end)
It's time to lick the boots of hell

2. AFTER 2

Neon glow
The dive was alive
There were four on the floor by the time I arrived
She slithered up to me - up my spine
So I bought her a drink
And fed her a line

Her hair was black as the night
She had long perfect legs and a gleam between her thighs
Ten blood-red fingernails
So I followed the signs that said
‘straight to hell'

I finally found my angel
Yes I finally found the truth
That your soul is unforgiven
If you love what you do
So damned be salvation
When it looks as good as you
I'll just have to pay the price
And dance with you
After 2

With dawn came the end of the night
And once more she came with a siren's cry
Then she was gone with her prize
Too bad it seems my heart ain't
As big as my eyes


I'm a cold-blooded killer
My soul is ripped and torn
Got the black heart of texas
I've got the devil's horns

Cuz i've spent my life to bring you harm
Drank your blood to keep me warm
Moon was full when I was born
I'm comin home, it won't be long

There's a killer in texas
A killer in texas
There's killer on the rails

I'm a hell raisin outlaw
Out here stealin lives
Killed a man for starin
I cut out his eyes

Cuz I started life in evil's hands
No way in hell I had a chance
You glorify the deeds I did
Forgot about the soul I had to give

Train keeps on rollin
My life is ever blowin
Like dust across the lone star state
Drink one more drink yeah
To wash down our sins
Cuz nightfall has come and gone again

I'm a cold-blooded killer
I'm always on the run
Just look at me mother
Ain't you proud of your son?

Cuz i've spent my life to bring you harm
Drank your blood to keep me warm
Moon was full when I was born
I'm comin for you, it won't be long


I slipped into my skin and met her after midnight
Her cleopatra eyes were givin me the chills
The beating heart of darkness curled up inside her
I thought I saw some blood on her lips yeah

Pale skin diva

And like a raven spread her wings in crucifixion
Opened her chamber door and slipped me inside
Now we dig the sounds of groovy sex and leather
My hungry kitten, yeah, she likes to spill her milk, uh!

Leather girl from hell


It was nine o'clock and the pale eye of the moon was high
When I strapped on my gun and tried to forget the sun
I heard the daughter of darkness she called my name
Let no man, good or evil, stand in my way

Southern witch
You got the evil spell
You took my heart away and locked it up down in hell
Southern witch
Never let me go
What is this burnin pain I feel in my soul?

I find her waitin for me beneath the hot spanish sky
Unveiled and perfect her skin like aztec gold
From lips of fire I hear the endless song she sings
Satan's western star has a hold on me

I heard mother mary warn me to stay away
The touch of holy water burns like acid rain
But nothin can save me from this fate
Now that she's shown me her deep dark secret place

Exsequor inritus irritus (fill this void)
Cum mei carus dolor (with my beloved's misery)

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