Funeral Planet : Planetary Rites

Doom Metal / Finland
(2006 - Self-Released)
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Las palabras


Soon he will wake from eternal sleep
What you have sown, he will reap
Striken by horror, the angels cry
When he awakes, the world will die

Forbidden sigils, carved in stone plate
Forgotten ritual opens the final gate

I summon Thee, Creature of Darkness, by the Works of Darkness!
I summon Thee, Creature of Hatred, by the Words of Hatred!
Eater of the Worlds, Devourer of Light!
I summon and call Thee forth, from Thy Abode in Darkness!
I evoke Thee from Thy resting-place in the bowels of the Earth!

By the Four Square Pillars of Earth that support the Sky.
May they stand fast against Them that desire to harm me!
May the Dead rise!
May the Dead rise and smell the Incense!

The abyss opens, The Watcher bows
The waves rise, the darkness grows
End of light, clouds eclipse the sun
Closing the circle, our work is done
The black shadow, your forgotten god
He has come to bring you flood


As day turns into night
and reason turns to fear
Nature grows silent
and senses start to clear

Walking amongst you
the children of the moon
Behind day's faces
the dark will come soon

Instinct takes over
as the sun dies in the west
Shapes begin changing
return of the repressed

Seems so far away now
manners, rules and laws
No god, no priest, no mercy
just death, teeth and claws

There's no use in running
when the moon is high
I offer you deliverance
under blood red sky


Be my sword and shield
Be my eager pawns
Deadly shape of mind
Now fight my wars

Crush my enemies
drive them before my eyes
Scent of blood, burning flesh
Black smoke fills the skies

Go now, burn their towns
Go now, burn their fields
Go now, salt the earth
Go poison the wells

Where life has no value
death may have its price
Violence all that remains
Heed not their cries.
Ascendant Mars

Famine creates war
From gold forge steel
shredded blood keep you warm
All life a disgrace
Blood-stained race

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