Dragon's Lair : Dragonheart

Heavy Metal / Greece
(2007 - Self-Released)
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01 - The Beginning

For many years the Dragonriders protected our kingdom from the evil forces of Boldimor.Now Boldimor created an army of 10000 monsters with the only aim to burn and destroy our civilization.The only Dragonriders left will once again rise to stand for our kingdom.So my Brothers Beware...... The final Battle has Begun!

02 - Woden (Father Of Gods)

Lord of War, Man of Fire
Death and Blood is your desire
Eternal master, Rage in your eyes
The unfaithful have to die.

I have lived a glorius life, the gates are on for me
I have the bless, I have the light, the heroes waits for me
Like an angel in the sky beyond this mortal world
Oh oh oh...

Father of Gods!
Can you hear my call?
Midheaven awaits me
I'll never fall
Father of Gods
Hear what I say
My soul is yours now
I found my way.

Through the time, through the steel
Forever fight, forever kill
Take my soul and burn the sky
For Valhalla I will die....

03 - Thunderlord

Fly high with silver wings,
A different world, don't touch the sun
A lonely heart, there's no fear
Ruler of Darkness, you'll have to run

The mystic shadows, fall on your head
You are trapped, there's no escape
The final warning has been told
You are alone in the eternal cold.

Dressed to kill, he'll never fall
Cause he's here to take your soul.

LORD OF THUNDER - Unholy soul
MASTER OF DEATH - Takes control
RULER OF EVIL - His kingdom reveals
Forever punish, Forever kill

The misty valley were shadows fall
Is the altar of our master's desires
Gather the lightnings, gather the wind
Obey his wish, start the fire.

Tonight's the night where humans arise
You're hands are shaking, you're body's numb
Run for your life, there's no time to spend
You scream out loud, is this the end.

04 - March of Glory

Swords and hammers arise, upon the valley of sin
Chaos,destruction and heavy breath
Ready to fight, Ready to win.

We fight for the legend's rebirth
Through darkness we come with haste
Chasing our dreams in our promised land
No fear, there's no time to waste

Forever and ever
Marching against the world
our spirit will unfold
Together, Forever
Fight. oh oh oh

After the battle your kingdom will fall
Fighting, yelling destroying the wall
Hail to our warriors, our courage stand tall
United we stand, divited we fall!

Ready for battle again
Hungry for glory,we raise our fists
Marching warriors across the hills
through the wind, throught the mist

Flags of war in the sky
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
The enemy shall die tonight
Their bodies lie, side by side

05 - Dragonheart

There was a time of death and destruction
His birth reveals a glorious hope
A mighty warrior, a great commander
He leads one nation to a whole world!

His father tought him the art of war
To fight for freedom, justice and more...
Knowing their minds is the key to the throne
Kill all the enemies, Live on your own.

Dragonheart, king of kings
Dragonheart, oh oh oh
Dragonheart, do what he feels
Fearless, Brave with a heart of steel


Forever he will fight, Forever he will ride
his legentary Dragon, burning on and on


His enemies will cry, His enemies will die
For mercy they will pray, but mercyless he'll stay


Flying upon our land,we'll fight for his command
The Dragonrider lives, We will fulfilled his dreams...

06 - Heavy Chains (Loudness Cover)

She wants to run, goin' on,
point of no return
No looking back, hope is gone,
just a slow burning
Lost without love, so she tries
to get all she can
Into the night, desperate eyes,
look for helping hands
Like a scream, the siren's call
Now it seems she's lost to all
Moving slow, and trapped in pain
Don't run with heavy chains
What's left is torn apart
Heavy chains on heavy heart
Her broken life
Her broken heart
Broken promises lost and found
Just a knife
Into her heart
Keeping her down
What's left is ripped apart
Heavy chains on heavy heart
Broken pieces of life
Broken pieces of heart
Broken pieces of promises lost and found
Heavy chains like a knife
Cutting into her heart
Keeping her down
Ohh, heavy chains!

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