Demonized Legion : The Return of Death's Empire

Brutal Death / Brazil
(2005 - Self-Released)
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The worst nightmare is arriving
Doing my body in mortal flames
I see destruction in everywhere
Children burning slowly and scream

The death’s empire is coming,
Plucking out your dreams!

Rivers of blood, the kingdom of destruction
Uniting heads and carcass
The heat becomes faces deformed
With the image of the pain

The death’s empire is coming,
With power and hate!

The return of Death’s empire…

The death’s empire is coming,
To destroy your life!

The sky becomes black
And looks like devil’s shadow
Bats devouring flesh
The circle of despair is made

The death’s empire is coming,
The antichristian revenge!

The hope becomes a great sin
And every brain is slaughtered
To be free is a utopia
The death’s empire is coming!!!


Suffering for living it’s the law
Across that you take for life
Waiting a utopic place
To rest of this corrosion of soul

God, an instrument of death
To slave my mind in this world
To grow more each time
To be part of the holocaust

Let’s go to the war
Fight against this tiranes
Destroy all kinds of oppression
And beclaims the revenge…

Suffering for living…suffering in war!!!

Can you see what I’m feeling?
No one should accept this law
You’ve made your rules
No gods, no tiranes

This is a hammer of justice
That condemns us to an eternal pain
Is the course of disgrace
An evil sanctifier!

And he makes pains and panic
He is inside your life
Developing illusions
In a world catastrophic!


’m dying to extort your viscera
And expose them like a toefel
Those of mournful desires
Are the power of Carnage’s Army!!!

Decomposition, Carnage and Bleeding…

Faces multiled
Bodies striped
And raped
Heads all deformed!!!

In every stab one smile
The breast is growing with each cry
The angel is afraid
And fells, the cruelty of Carnage’s army

Babies Impaled
And their mothers
Without skin
Lives… Suffering…

We are the Carnage’s Army, hail the carnage’s desire!!!


Vile and culminant pain
That makes you to reflecting
The question about suffer in this life

The depression that boils your tear
Of you profoundest hate
Your trail of thorns… your wound

Every death is an euthanasia!!!

Your breathing is your worst disease
The pest and disgrace
That corrupts you

Every life is a process
That leaves you in pain
Rotting… agonizing

Every death is an euthanasia!

Finally die
To another hell
Your suicidal tendencies
Have developed!!!


Disturbed minds
Possessed for hate
Confront and sacrifice

We are sick to destroy
Eliminate from the consciences
An utopic malevolence
That the church has kept

God is a farce
Of your dreams
Inside me I feel
This harmony’s death

You are lost and the agony
Is the chance to arise!

The gates of hell are opened
And the trail is bleeding
Life’s and eternal torture

And you see the panic
And you feel the death…slowly

Then you realize, the fucking hell
That is your mind… and you can’t escape

Winning this war is impossible
So you cry and wait… the end…

You start to sleep
The gates are closing
Solitude and fear…

He did you blind
Your soul burns
And he says to you:

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